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Chinese: 960-1912

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Sites about Chinese: 960-1912 literature:

Renditions: A Chinese-English Translation Magazine
"Renditions contains English translations of Chinese fiction, prose, and articles on China's literature, culture, and art." Articles also cover "art, Chinese studies and translation studies." Offers an index of over 600 Chinese writers and translators, and a database with "details of authors, titles and translators of works that have appeared in Renditions publications."
Contains: Historical Context, Content Analysis,
Author: Chinese University of Hong Kong
From: Renditions
Keywords: Chinese literature, your gateway to Chinese culture, Chinese fiction, Chinese poetry, Chinese essay, Chinese novel, classical literature, modern literature, contemporary literature, chinese books, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China Mainland, Translation Studies, Chinese Writers, Literature in Translation, Renditions

Authors in Chinese: 960-1912 literature:

Xu Xiake (1587 - 1641)

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