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Sites about Abram's Plains

by Abram Cary

Critical sites about Abram's Plains

Thomas Cary's Abram's Plains (1789) and Its "Preface"
"Approaches to Abram's Plains are salutary in that they integrate Cary's poem and 'Preface' into the literary history and thematic development of writing in Canada. It will be the aim of the present under taking to consolidate that integration and, in addition, to examine Abram's Plains and Cary's 'Preface' in their own terms with a view to establishing their connection, not only tenth the English and Canadian lit erary traditions, but also with the historical, political, and social milieu of Quebec in the late eighteenth century."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: D. M. R. Bentley
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 5

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