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Sites about Aeneid

by Virgil

Characters: Aeneas, Anchises, Iulus, Dido, Venus, Juno
Keywords: Troy, Rome, founding, epic

Critical sites about Aeneid

Ambiguity and the Female Warrior: Vergil's Camilla
"Vergil's female warrior, Camilla, is a different sort of character, and purposefully so. I would like to go a step further than noting her ambiguity. What needs more elucidation is the very purpose of her ambiguity, and I would like to propose an answer: that the character of Camilla neatly expresses not just her ambiguity but the ambiguity of the Aeneid as a whole."
Contains: Character Analysis
Author: Trudy Harrington Becker
From: Electronic Antiquity Vol. 4 no. 1 August 1997
Making Roman-ness and the Aeneid
'This essay attempts to develop some ideas about national identity as envisioned in the Aeneid, with two foci: the lack of clarity concerning Aeneas' own nationality, and the inaccuracies in the descriptions of the foreigners portrayed on Aeneas' Vulcanian shield. I aim to undermine the notion that Vergil's own generation and Augustus' regime should be assumed to be the "climax," "culmination," or "fulfillment" of the historical process as the Aeneid imagines it, and to present reasons for thinking that Vergil's audience was being invited, instead, to imagine a very long-range future-to expand for themselves the scope of the poem and meet its challenge. I discuss the possibility that Vergil himself was not born either Roman or technically Italian and mention also the probable high proportion of his original audience born without the Roman franchise and admitted to it in the 80s or in 49. I argue that the extended historical range-finder through which the poem requires its readers to view themselves and their inheritors is designed to impose upon them the task of seeking a version of mos (civilized traditional customs) that can be made universal, and the task also of regarding present opponents as destined future fellow-Romans."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Katharine Toll
From: Classical Antiquity Volume 16 / No. 1 / April 1997

Other (non-critical) sites about Aeneid

Aeneid Book IV read in Latin by Wilfried Stroh
"Professor StrohÕs performance of Aeneid Book IV was recorded digitally on April 10, 2000 by musician Georg Spoettl. " Available online as a RealAudio file.
From: Wired for Books
From: Wired for Books
Vergil's Aeneid
This site provides background information to the Aeneid including historical information, study questions, and sources about the genre.
Contains: Historical Context
Author: Roger Dunkle
From: Core Studies 1 Study Guide
Author: Roger Dunkle
From: Core Studies 1 Study Guide
Vergil's Aeneid
A study guide for Vergil's Aeneid.
Author: Roger Dunkle
From: The Classical Origins of Western Culture
Author: Roger Dunkle
From: The Classical Origins of Western Culture

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