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Sites about American Notes

by Charles Dickens

This book of travel sketches details Dickens' journeys in the United States in 1842.

Characters: Charles Dickens
Keywords: travels

Critical sites about American Notes

Reviews: Blackwood's Magazine
"The truth is, that Mr. Dickens was kept in such a continual fever of hurry and excitement, during his whole stay in America, as incapacitated him, even if able or disposed so to do, from ever looking beneath the surface of things and persons around him. We fear that the ethereal essence of character has wholly escaped him. He allowed himself no leisure for accurate and discriminating observation and reflection."
Contains: Review
Author: Q.Q.Q. (Samuel Warren)
From: Blackwood's Magazine December 1842
Keywords: contemporary review, British review
Reviews: Change for the American Notes
"That the work will produce any impression upon the English themselves, the authoress has not for a moment contemplated; for when it is told of themselves, they are a people singularly unmoved by -- the Truth."
Contains: Review
Author: Henry Wood
From: Change for the American Notes: in letters from London to New York. By an American lady New York: Harper & Brothers, 1843.
Keywords: contemporary review, American review
Reviews: Southern Literary Messanger
"In this work, we see a young and ardent Englishman, with a sensitive and benevolent heart, and a fancy, which, with balloon-like expansibility, inflates itself by vaporizing the smallest fact, and gives itself to the wildest and most rapid wanderings. We see him with honest intentions, endeavoring to discover all the good he possibly can, through a thick obscuration of national prejudice, to write with the decorum due to his new friends; to condemn his own country no farther than it condemns itself..."
Contains: Review
Author: Anonymous
From: The Southern Literary Messenger January 1843
Keywords: contemporary review, American review
Reviews: The Edinburgh Review
"We cannot help feeling that we should have respected Mr. Dickens more if he had kept his book to himself; if he had been so far dissatisfied with these "American Notes" as to shrink from the "general circulation" of them; if he had felt unwilling to stand by and see them trumpeted to all corners of the earth -- quoted and criticized in every newspaper.... That he had nothing better to say is no reproach to him."
Contains: Review
Author: James Spedding
From: The Edinburgh Review January 1843
Keywords: contemporary review, British review
Reviews: The New Englander
"We have been greatly disappointed in the perusal of these "American Notes." We were well aware that there are some defects in our social organization, which might be hit off to advantage by a master-hand; and we had hoped that Mr. Dickens' keen perception of the ludicrous would be exercised at our present expense, though for our ultimate profit."
Contains: Review
Author: J. T. Thompson
From: The New Englander January 1843
Keywords: contemporary review, American review
Reviews: The Quarterly Review
"We heartily wish -- and for more reasons than are at first sight obvious-- that the morbid sensibility of our Trans-Atlantic cousins to the opinion of English visitors could be moderated. We wish it for our own sakes as well as theirs, for it imparts to all their intercourse with us-- whether literary or political -- a jealous aspect and a captious spirit, painful to themselves, and therefore embarrassing to us."
Contains: Review
Author: John Wilson Croker
From: The Quarterly Review March 1843
Keywords: contemporary review, British review

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