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by Dame Rose Macaulay

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Rose Macaulay's And No Man's Wit and Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls: Two Spanish Civil War Novels and Questions of Canonicity
"By tracing the shifting fortunes of the reputations of both authors and their contemporaneous statements about the Spanish Civil War, I would like to explore -- at least partially -- the reasons for the effacement of Macaulay's achievement from the literary landscape and the process of canonization which has insistently chosen, instead, to value and remember Hemingway's achievement... What at first retrospective glance is an apparently level literary 'playing field' for these two competing texts in 1940 is soon revealed as a treacherous, and highly gendered, zone of contention."
Contains: Historical Context
Author: D. A. Boxwell
From: Women in Literature and Life Assembly Vol. 1 Fall 1992

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