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Sites about Beloved

by Toni Morrison

Pulitzer Prize-winning story of an escaped slave and mother who is jailed for murdering one of her children.

Characters: Sethe, Beloved

Critical sites about Beloved

'Beloved': ideologies in conflict, improvised subjects
"The novel, 'Beloved,' by Toni Morrison presented the conflict of interpellating systems."
Contains: Content Analysis,
Author: Arlene R. Keizer
From: African American Review Spring 1999
Book Review:Toni Morrison's Beloved
Book review which concludes that "Morrison extends a vision that moves beyond victimization for sectors of the black community unable to escape a gruesome past that won't let go of their present like Beloved and Sethe wouldn't let go of each other."
Contains: Review
Author: Andrés T. Tapia
From: Inklings
Looking into the self that is no self: an examination of subjectivity in 'Beloved.'
'Toni Morrison's novel 'Beloved' attempts to repress the memory of slavery while providing a space for Africans and African American slaves to gain subjectivity."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Jennifer L. Holden-Kirwan
From: African American Review Fall, 1998
Models of Memory and Romance: The Dual Endings of Toni Morrison's Beloved
"For Toni Morrison, an African American woman addressing a 'dominant narrative' in which black women have been secondary or invisible, 'writing beyond the ending' means interrogating the historical implications that romance assumes when infused with ideologies of race. In her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Beloved, intersecting narratives of romance and slavery lead to dual endings, which, in their refusal of resolution, represent the double dilemmas of divergent narrative perspectives and goals."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Mary Paniccia Carden
From: Twentieth Century Literature Winter 1999
Morrison's Beloved: Allegorically Othering "White" Christianity
This essay argues that "Morrison's allegorical revision of the Song of Solomon and other Biblical passages constitutes what Stephen A. Barney, in Allegories of History, Allegories of Love, terms 'other-speech,' a type of minority discourse related to, but not symptomatic of, the dynamics of religious and/or cultural 'othering.'"
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Peggy Ochoa
From: MELUS Summer, 1999
"Postmodern blackness": Toni Morrison's 'Beloved' and the end of history
"Literary critics point out that postmodern society and its literary products have negated the historical concepts of past and present."
Contains: Historical Context
Author: Kimberly Chabot Davis
From: Twentieth Century Literature September 1998
Remembering the Disremembered: Toni Morrison as Benjamin's Storyteller
This graduate student essay uses "Beloved" as anexample to assert that Morrison is "a contemporary storyteller in the mode Benjamin defines. Her fiction is shaped from the traditions of her people and forms the rungs of the communal ladder of experience which she so freely moves up and down."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Elizabeth Lofgren Nutting
From: Schuykill Fall 97
The Story Must Go On and On: The Fantastic, Narration, and Intertextuality in Toni Morrison's Beloved and Jazz
"The search to find narrative methods that resist the totalizing impulse of narrative and of readers themselves is a central aspect of Morrison's fictional technique, and is certainly connected to her investment in an oral, African American tradition of storytelling, of the Griot. Beloved (1987) marks the height of Morrison's achievement, for it is a narrative that resists closure in numerous ways. I have found that for this reason teaching Beloved is always a new experience--no class reacts to it the same way, as it generates multiple ambiguities that cannot easily be sutured over. Yet in teaching this book, I am always surprised by how ready students are to resolve the issue of Beloved's status in this novel, to decide unambiguously that she is a ghost--in fact, the ghost of the child Sethe killed eighteen years earlier. In my mind, however, the text balances between realistic explanations of Beloved's presence (she is an escaped slave woman who has been sexually abused by a white man) and supernatural ones (she is Sethe's dead child come back to haunt her), and is therefore an excellent example of what Tzvetan Todorov has called the fantastic. Why do students ignore the text's balance between the realistic and the marvelous? And even more puzzling, why has this tendency to fix on a particular meaning for Beloved been replicated by literary scholars, most of whom view Beloved as a ghost?"
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Martha J. Cutter
From: African American Review Spring, 2000
Transforming the Chain into Story: The Making of Communal Meaning in Toni MorrisonŐs Beloved
"Beloved is about slavery. Its focus, however, is not on the socio-political dimension; rather, it enters into a realm of the spirit where the heart, not the intellect, must make sense of the painful past."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Claire N. Barbetti
From: Janus Head
Violence, home, and community in Toni Morrison's 'Beloved.'
'The novel 'Beloved' by Toni Morrison illustrates both the dystopian and utopian characteristics of the home and community."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Nancy Jesser
From: African American Review Summer, 1999

Other (non-critical) sites about Beloved

Jaunted By Their Nightmares
"Ms. Morrison's versatility and technical and emotional range appear to know no bounds. If there were any doubts about her stature as a pre-eminent American novelist, of her own or any other generation, 'Beloved' will put them to rest. In three words or less, it's a hair-raiser."
Contains: Review
Author: Margaret Atwood
From: The New York Times September 13, 1987
Author: Margaret Atwood
From: The New York Times September 13, 1987

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