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Sites about Edward II

by Christopher Marlowe

A king is defeated and murdered by powerful barons.

Critical sites about Edward II

Marlowe Our Contemporary: Edward II on Stage and Screen
"Shakespeare's work has received much attention historically. Similarly, Christopher Marlowe has become the American contemporary."
Contains: Historical Context
Author: Deborah Willis
From: Criticism Fall 1998
Marlowe, Edward II, and the Cult of Elizabeth
"This paper seeks to relate Edward II to the cult of Elizabeth, suggesting that it participates fully in the discursive procedures that surrounded the Tudor monarchy. At the most basic level, I will propose that in Marlowe's play the image of the King may be construed as a negative exemplum, being in effect defined negatively in terms of the well established cult of Queen Elizabeth. Likewise Shakespeare's King Lear establishes a pointed contrast between the assiduously promoted public image of King James as judge, patriarch and unifier of the Kingdoms of Britain, and Shakespeare's depiction of Lear, the Last ruler of the whole island, as one who judges foolishly, fragments his family and carves up his realm. Like that of Lear, the world of Edward II is constructed as an admonitory negative example for the present. The parallels extend beyond the age to the more specific question of the ruler as an individual, and that, of course, was a question that could hardly be considered -- or even imagined -- outside the terms of reference of Elizabeth's cult."
Contains: Historical Context
Author: Dennis Kay
From: Early Modern Literary Studies 3.2 (September, 1997): 1.1-30

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