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by Sophocles

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On the Pedagogos's Deception Speech in Sophocles's Electra
"Beginning at least with Aristotle's Poetics (1460a31-3), readers of Sophocles's Electra have been troubled by the Paedagogos's 'false messenger' speech at vv. 680-763. Aristotle does not specify his complaint, but it seems likely that he was protesting the anachronism of having Orestes perish in the Pythian Games, which would not be established until after the dramatic date of the story. Even a scholiast could not resist needling Sophocles on this count: 'it is out of sequence, for the Pythian Games came after Orestes's time'."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Dale Grote
From: Electronic Antiquity Vol. 3 no. 6 February 1997

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