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Sites about The Iliad

by Homer

The epic poem of the Trojan War.

Characters: Achilles, Agamemnon, Melelaus, Helen, Briseis, Priam, Hector, Apollo, Aphrodite

Critical sites about The Iliad

The Body as Argument: Helen in Four Greek Texts
"Certain Greek texts depict Helen in a manner that connects her elusive body with the elusive maneuvers of the persuasive story. Her too-mobile body signals in these texts the obscurity of agency in the seduction scene and serves as a device for tracking the dynamics of desire. In so doing this body propels poetic narrative and gives structure to persuasive argumentation. Although the female figure in traditional texts is always the object of male representation, in this study I examine a set of images of a female body whose representation ultimately seems to frustrate the narrative strategies for which its depiction was created."
Contains: Character Analysis
Author: Nancy Worman
From: Classical Antiquity Volume 16 / No. 1 / April 1997
The Conflicting Views of Helen
A discussion of the differing views of Helen in ancient sources and in Homer's Iliad.
Contains: Character Analysis, Content Analysis, Bibliography
Author: Katie Olesker
The Constellations on Achilles' Shield (Iliad 18. 485-489)
"What I would like to argue... is that there is possibly a sense in which the Bear is linked to the Pleiades, the Hyades and Orion, and which therefore makes its mention equally season-specific."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Robert Hannah
From: Electronic Antiquity Vol. 2. no. 4 December 1994
This site offers cultural, historical, and literary background on both The Iliad and The Odyssey.
Contains: Historical Context, Plot Summary, Content Analysis
Author: Richard Hooker
From: World Cultures: An Internet Classroom and Anthology
Homer's Iliad and Odyssey
This visually impressive site contains useful plot summaries and historical background on Homer and his works. The pages on The Iliad and The Odyssey are furnished with lovely images and some multimedia options, and each poem has some accompanying paragraphs of analysis, but nothing in-depth. Nevertheless, a good starting point for students of the poems.
Contains: Plot Summary, Historical Context, Content Analysis, Bibliography
Author: Tony Arkwright, Justin Eichenlaub, John Ramsey
Iliad Homepage
This site provides a map of Homeric geography, a timeline of Homeric epics, an outline of the poem, a FAQ, and some information on related art and archaeology.
Contains: Plot Summary, Historical Context, Content Analysis
Author: Walter Englert
Iliad Study Guide
A helpful stud guide prepared for students at Brooklyn College.
Contains: Plot Summary, Content Analysis, Historical Context
Author: Roger Dunkle

Other (non-critical) sites about The Iliad

Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890)
Brief information on Heinrich Schliemann, the so-called excavator of Troy, who used The Iliad to find a city long believed to be only the stuff of legend.
Author: Serif Yenen
Author: Serif Yenen
Homer's Iliad
A study guide for the Iliad.
Author: Roger Dunkle
From: The Classical Origins of Western Culture
Author: Roger Dunkle
From: The Classical Origins of Western Culture
How the Trojan War Began
Explanation of the origins of the Trojan War.
Contains: Historical Context
Author: Richard Koshak
Author: Richard Koshak
Images of the Trojan War Myth
"A catalog of many images from various sources, primarily vase paintings from Perseus." (summary by Steven Hale)
Author: Robin Mitchell-Boyask
Author: Robin Mitchell-Boyask
The Trojan War
"Images from vase paintings and other classical artifacts, and from European paintings." (summary by Steven Hale)
Author: Mythmedia was prepared in The Library of The University of Haifa by Ora Zehavi, and by Dr. Sonia Klinger from the Department of Art History
From: Mythmedia
Author: Mythmedia was prepared in The Library of The University of Haifa by Ora Zehavi, and by Dr. Sonia Klinger from the Department of Art History
From: Mythmedia

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