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Sites about Mansfield Park

by Jane Austen

Characters: Fanny Price, Edmund Bertram, Mary Crawford

Critical sites about Mansfield Park

The Art of Doing Nothing
"The "nothingness" of the socially accomplished woman, the woman of the private sphere of the eighteenth- and early nineteenth-centuries, is central to the writings of Jane Austen. The sense of female idleness arises in her novels from the fact that the women dothings, and yet seem to accomplish little that might be perceived as substantive from the point of view of how men do things. Idleness is thus what might make the women of the domestic, or the private, sphere noticeable."
Contains: Historical Context, Content Analysis
Author: Fran Sendbuehler
From: Angelaki November 1995

Other (non-critical) sites about Mansfield Park

Chronology of Mansfield Park
"This is Chapman and MacKinnon's chronology of Mansfield Park, based on the only "full" date (day, month, and day of week) given in the book -- the ball at Mansfield Park, on Thursday, December 22nd. (December 22nd fell on a Thursday both in 1808, several years before Jane Austen began writing the book, and also in 1814, the year in which the novel was first published.)"
Contains: Plot Summary

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