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Sites about Mindplayers

by Pat Cadigan

"Mindplayers is the story of 'Deadpan Ally.' It begins when one of her friends, Jerry Wirerammer, brings over a 'borrowed' madcap (a device which induces temporary psychosis). But this one is defective and Ally's induced psychosis does not disappear when the madcap is shut off. Jerry drops Ally off at a "drycleaner," a kind of clinic to treat mishaps during the various forms of mind play (both licit and illicit) available in this future. Ally's sanity is restored but she is up on the charges of 'mind crime': in this case of having a psychosis without a license."

Critical sites about Mindplayers

Notes on Pat Cadigan
"This is a guide to Pat Cadigan's novels Mindplayers and Fools. It provides background information on Cadigan's career in general and her place within cyberpunk. The main part of the site offers categorized breakdowns of the "world" in which Mindplayers and Fools takes place. The section on Fools includes a plot synopsis and a reconstruction of the events leading up to the first scene. There is even a 'persona' and 'identity' chart to keep track of 'who' is 'who,' when and 'who' is speaking 'when.'"
Contains: Plot Summary, Content Analysis
Author: Earl Jackson, Jr.

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