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Sites about Money: A Suicide Note

by Martin Amis

Characters: John Self

Critical sites about Money: A Suicide Note

The Artist Manqué: Nabokovian Techniques in Money
This essay, written by a junior English major at Williams College, examines the influence of Nabakov's Lolita on the narrative style of Amis' novel Money.
Contains: Content Analysis, Bibliography
Author: Matthew Dessem
Keywords: Vladimir Nabokov

Other (non-critical) sites about Money: A Suicide Note

The Great Addiction
''The plot of 'Money' is in a basic, grand tradition. A guy gets totaled. Maybe he survives - in comedy - but he's spectacularly brought down. What makes this book special and important is that it revitalizes its tradition. Its trans-Atlantic urban show-biz patter and smart literary patterns could have been just a jaded fast-lane bummer, a depleting ride in John Self's purple Fiasco -- 'a vintage-style coupe with oodles of dash and heft and twang.' But instead the book's dash and heft and twang serve a deeper energy, a reimagined naivete that urgently asks a basic, grand question: what on earth are the rest of us supposed to make of the spectacle of a fellow human getting totaled?''
Contains: Review
Author: Veronica Geng
From: The New York Times March 24, 1985
Author: Veronica Geng
From: The New York Times March 24, 1985

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