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Sites about Northanger Abbey

by Jane Austen

This story of mistaken wealth leads Mr. Tilney to invite Catherine to visit, fostering a love between his son Henry and Catherine. After finding out that she is not, he makes her leave. Henry follows.

Characters: Catherine Morland, Henry Tilney, Mrs. Allen
Keywords: satire, romantic mystery, imagination

Critical sites about Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey: Catherine Morland and the Vice of the "Sympathetic Imagination"
"I believe that the exploration of this fundamental conundrum is at the core of Northanger Abbey, and that this should be so dismisses the claims of those who believe that the lessons Catherine learns in the Gothic section of the novel are thematically most important. I maintain that Northanger Abbey is not merely a curiosity, a burlesque of the Gothic style, a remnant which looks back to the parodic style of much of the juvenilia. Rather it is the herald of a new phase in Jane Austen's development of the theme of the heroine's transition from girlhood to womanhood because it is in Northanger Abbey that the theme that is perennially associated with Jane Austen--the importance of the education of judgment--becomes pre-eminent. "
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Nicola Cummins
From: Deep South v.1 n.1 (February, 1995)

Other (non-critical) sites about Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey Composition & Plot[naplot].htm
"Published posthumously in 1818 (begun in 1798, accepted by publisher in 1803) Austen's shortest major work, the novel makes fun of the prevailing fashion for the Gothic novel, particularly the work of Ann Radcliff."
Contains: Plot Summary

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