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Is The Eye In Sky The Author's?: An Examination of Philip K. Dick's Radio Free Albemuth
"A fast-moving political thriller, a lament for America's liberal ideals that blends the elegiac with the bitterly angry, a coruscating novel of ideas that burrows deep into the roots of human history, the nature of the divine, and ultimately of reality itself - Radio Free Albemuth is all these. It is also one of Dick's weaker, more flawed works, despite its eminent readability and the non-stop interplay of daring heresies and believable human action. This may seem harsh, but it must be remembered that so towering is Dick's achievement in, to quote Moorcock 'quietly producing serious fiction in a popular form' that even lesser parts of the Dickian canon would, in most cases, be regarded as career-crowning achievements if written by more limited or self-limited SF writers."
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Steve Sneyd
From: Terrible Work #1, Spring 1993, pp. 33-35

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