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Sites about Richard III

by William Shakespeare

Critical sites about Richard III

Strutting and Fretting His Hour upon the Stage: An Analysis of the Characterization of Richard in Shakespeare's Richard III and Gordon Daviot's Dickon
" lecture presented at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival August 27, 1993"
Contains: Character Analysis
Author: Judy R. Weinsoft
From: Richard III Society Online Library August 27, 1993
The Women of Richard III
"The character of King Richard III of England is perhaps Shakespeare's most evil creation. A machiavellian who delights in governing through fear and force, his evil is only offset by his ready and cutting wit. Yet Shakespeare does provide a contrast to Richard's villainy. The women of this play function as voices of protest and morality. They often see through his intrigues and predict dire consequences from his acts. Shakespeare uses the women to point out moral truths and emphasize general principles of the Elizabethan world view of moral and political order."
Contains: Character Analysis
Author: Shirley Galloway

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