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Cherokee Authors

John Lynch Adair
Z. Susanne Aikman
Mabel Washbourne Anderson
Carroll Arnett
Carolyn Attneave
Mike Austin
Marilou Awiakta
Michael Baggett
Louise Ann Barton
Betty Louise Bell
John D. Berry
Win Blevins
Elias Boudinot
Linda Boyden
Ruth Muskrat Bronson
Jimalee Chitwood Burton
Thomas J. Canter
Gladys Cardiff
William E. Coffer
Robert J. Conley
Karen Coody Cooper
Jeannette Dulce Henry Costo
Steve Crow
Qwo-Li Driskill
DeWitt Clinton Duncan
Carolyn Dunn
Jimmie Durham
Rachel Caroline Eaton
Royal Roger Eubanks
Robert Franklin Gish
Diane Glancy
Rayna Diane Green
Catron Grieves
Raven Hail
Allison Adelle Hedge Coke
Jeannette Henry
Miriam Herrera
Jackalene Crow Hiendlmayr
Geary Hobson
Sara Sue Hoklotubbe
Tom Holm
Gregg Howard
Thomas Hubbard
Don Trent Jacobs
Andrew Jolivette
Edwina Jones
Daniel Heath Justice
Kurt Kaltreider
E. Barrie Kavasch
Jack Frederick Kilpatrick
Thomas King
Phil Konstantin
Wilma Mankiller
Tony Mack McClure
Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel
Mardi Oakley Medawar
Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona
Cheryl Metoyer
Natachee Scott Momaday
Marijo Moore
John Milton Oskison
Narcissa Owen
Louis Owens
GaWaNi Pony Boy
Larry Purcell
Valerie Red-Horse
G. WIlliam Rice
John Rollin Ridge
Lynn Riggs
Patricia Riley
Will Rogers
Will Rogers, Jr.
Gayle Ross
Ralph Salisbury
William Sanders
Vickie L. Sears
Rabiah Yazzie Seminole
Kim Shuck
Michael W. Simpson
Rennard Strickland
Virginia Stroud
Terra Trevor
Glenn J. Twist
Paul Thomas Vickers
Shirley G. Webb
Ron Welburn
Craig S. Womack
Joan Leslie Woodruff

Online resources about the Cherokee Tribe

Type: tribal
Description: This page on the tribe is part of a Native North American Cultures online exhibit created by Minnesota State University - Mankato.

Cherokee History by Lee Sultzman
Author: Lee Sultzman
Type: tribal
Description: History of the Cherokee people by Lee Sultzman from the First Nations website.

Cherokee National Historical Society
Author: Cherokee National Historical Society
Type: tribal
Description: "In 1963, a group of distinguished Cherokees founded the Cherokee National Historical Society, a private non-profit corporation designed to preserve the history and culture of the Cherokee people....In an effort to collect and preserve historic and cultural documents, the Historical Society founders sought to assemble everything ever written by or about the Cherokees into one central facility - an ambitious goal of the organization." This site provides information about the Society, the Cherokee Information Center, a newsletter, and links to additional resources on the Cherokee Nation.

Cherokees of California
Author: Cherokees of California
Type: tribal
Description: "The Cherokees of California, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit tribal organization, incorporated in 1975. It is not affiliated with the Cherokee
Nation of Oklahoma, nor is it a federally recognized tribal entity. We are banded together as descendants of a common Cherokee heritage. Our primary purpose is to preserve and pass on to the next generation our traditions, history and language. We invite all interested people who want to re-new ties with their Cherokee heritage to come and join us"

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
Author: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
Type: tribal
Description: Official web site for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Includes genealogy and enrollment information, and information about the attractions and accomodations on the reservation.

Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee
Author: Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee
Description: The only officially recognized Cherokee Indian tribe in Georgia.

History of the Cherokee -- White Indian's Homepage
Author: Ken Martin
Type: tribal
Description: This History of the Cherokee website is a tribute to the strength and determination of the Cherokee people to survive. It provides an extensive history, images and maps, geneaology links, links to bibliographies on Native American topics, and links to other Native American resources.

Official Site of the Cherokee Nation
Author: Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
Type: tribal
Description: Site includes FAQ's, news, events, and links, as well as information on tribal operations, community development, education, human services and health.

Poetry Collection by Author, M. Miriam Herrera
Author: Miriam Herrera
Type: authorbio
Description: "A Collection of Poetry from Kaddish for Columbus: Images of Nature, Life, & Folklore. From American, Native American, Crypto-Jewish (Anusim), & Chicano Cultures"
URL: From American, Native American, Crypto-Jewish (Anusim), & Chicano Cultures

South Carolina Indians The Cherokee
Author: South Carolina Information Highway
Type: tribal
Description: Information about the tribe from the South Carolina Information Highway web site.

The Texas Cherokee
Author: R. Edward Moore
Type: tribal
Description: Information on the tribe from the Texas Indians web site.

United Keetowah Band of Cherokee Indians
Author: United Keetowah Band of Cherokee Indians
Type: tribal
Description: Information about the United Keetowah Band of Cherokee Indians.

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