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Catawba Tribe

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Catawba Cultural Preservation Project
Author: Catawba Indian Nation
Type: tribal
Description: The Catawba Cultural Preservation Project (CCPP) was formed in 1989 by a group of Catawba tribal members who were concerned about the direction of the Catawba culture. Prior to 1988, there was no official entity that took care of the Catawba heritage, although there were always groups of tribal members that would encourage sharing and proliferating different aspects of tribal and family histories, skills and crafts. The history of the CCPP is intricately linked to the history of the Catawba Indian Nation in that it is currently housed in the building that used to serve as the elementary school on the reservation.

South Carolina Indians The Catawba
Author: South Carolina Information Highway
Type: tribal
Description: Information about the tribe from the South Carolina Information Highway web site.

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