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Laguna Pueblo Tribe

Laguna Pueblo Authors

Paula Gunn Allen
A. A. Carr
Lee Francis
Harold Littlebird
Carol Lee Sanchez
Leslie Marmon Silko

Online resources about the Laguna Pueblo Tribe

Grants - About the Laguna Pueblo
Author: Grants Chamber of Commerce
Type: tribal
Description: A brief history of the Laguna Pueblo and other Native American tribes in Cibola County, New Mexico.

Laguna Pueblo
Author: Pueblo Cultural Center
Type: tribal
Description: Information about Laguna Pueblo (KA-WAIKAH or KA-WAIK).

Laguna Pueblo Literature Resources
Author: Will Karkavelas
Type: tribal
Description: This site collects cultural resources including bibliographies, full text articles, history of the pueblo, art, architecture, and maps.

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