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LII New This Week
New This Week for June 11, 2009
This Week
This week we have a mini-collection on the Studebaker and other car history, plus aids to legal research and genealogy databases. Bon appetit from librarians Jennifer, Maria, Charlotte, and Wendy.

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Arts and Humanities

Fashioning Felt
Companion website to a 2009 exhibition and book focusing "on felt that has been produced by traditional hand- or machine-felting processes; they exclude non-woven felt and techniques, in order to underscore the essential elements of feltmaking." View objects from the exhibit (browsable by keyword and designer), view process photos for a Turkmenistan-made carpet, and read related blog entries. From the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.
URL: http://exhibitions.cooperhewitt.org/Fashioning-Felt/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28117

Raymond Loewy: Designs for a Consumer Culture
Companion to an exhibit on Raymond Loewy (1893-1986), "the most prominent industrial designer of the twentieth century. He blended traditional styles with streamlining and European modernism, while satisfying Americans' taste for comfort and convenience." Site features annotated images of designs such as the 1940 Lucky Strike cigarette package, 1950 Studebaker Land Cruiser, 1964 Fostoria stemware, and 1962 graphics for Air Force One. From the Hagley Museum and Library in Delaware.
URL: http://www.hagley.lib.de.us/loewy/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27691


Consumer Reports: Rebuild Your Finances
This 2009 guide "will help you navigate the current financial crisis." Includes advice, articles, and other consumer resources on topics related to personal finance (including credit and savings), career, home, cars, family, medical insurance, and retirement. From Consumer Reports magazine.
URL: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/money/resource-center/financial-sec...
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28363

Drawing Power: Motor City Ad Art in the Age of Muscle & Chrome
This exhibit features mid-20th century automobile commercial art from Detroit advertising studios such as "McNamara Associates, Skidmore Sahratian, and Graphic House [which] thrived in close proximity to automotive executives and the advertising agencies that coordinated their publicity campaigns." Exhibit sections cover pre-World War II illustration, artists' samples, studio life, process, photography and realism, and diversity of potential buyers (such as youth and women). From the Detroit Public Library.
URL: http://www.detroitpubliclibrary.org/drawingpower/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27610

From Horses to Horsepower: Studebaker Helped Move a Nation
This exhibit tells the story of Studebaker, starting when "brothers Henry and Clement Studebaker opened the H & C Studebaker blacksmith shop ... in South Bend, Indiana, on February 16, 1852" and went on to manufacture wagons and automobiles. A timeline covers the company's production of wagons and electric and gas-powered cars until Studebaker ceased production in 1966. Include biographies, photos of cars and factories, and a bibliography. From the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.
URL: http://www.sil.si.edu/ondisplay/studebaker/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27611

Studebaker National Museum
Website for this South Bend, Indiana, museum devoted to this wagon and auto manufacturer, which ceased operations in the U.S. in 1963 and in Canada in 1966. Includes a short history of the company (starting with the opening of the H & C Studebaker blacksmith shop in South Bend in 1852) and information about selected exhibits, including the carriage that Abraham Lincoln took to Ford's Theater on the night of his assassination.
URL: http://www.studebakermuseum.org/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27621

Taking the Wheel: Manufacturers' Catalogs From the First Decade of American Automobiles
"Several hundred photomechanical reproductions from the pages of motor vehicle (automobiles and some trucks) manufacturers' catalogs from 1909, in the first decade of the automobile industry. Primarily monochrome, interspersed with surprisingly lavish color plates, the images include parts diagrams, engine works, and model inventory." Manufacturers include Benz, Buick, Ford, Franklin, Oldsmobile, Packard, Peerless, Rambler, and Studebaker. Also includes a list of related subject headings. From the New York Public Library (NYPL).
URL: http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigital/explore/dgexplore.cfm?topic...
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27731


"YouTomb is a research project by MIT Free Culture that tracks videos taken down from YouTube for alleged copyright violation." Finds name of video, single image from selected videos, entity that asked the video be removed, and the number of days the video had been viewable. Also includes blog. Statistics are not up to date. From MIT Free Culture, a student organization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
URL: http://youtomb.mit.edu/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/26392


Twitter: USA.gov
Follow this Twitter feed "to stay up to date on the latest official government news and information." Feeds include links to a U.S. Government YouTube channel, and include related material such as protecting yourself from identity theft, U.S. government job opportunities, tax refunds, and more. Also includes links to other U.S. government Twitter feeds.
URL: http://twitter.com/USAgov
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28334

U.S. Army Field Manuals, Training Circulars, Technical Manuals, War Department/Department of the Army Pamphlets
This page compiles the "full text of selected U.S. Army Field Manuals (FMs), Training Circulars (TCs), and Technical Manuals (TMs), War Department Pamphlets (WD PAMs) and Department of the Army Pamphlets (DA PAMs)." Publications, which range in date from the early 20th century through the early 21st century, cover intelligence interrogation, land warfare, prisoners of war, and similar topics. Notes that content "will be added regularly to this site." From the Library of Congress (LOC).
URL: http://www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/pamphlets_manuals.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27846


Get Your Free Case Law on the Web
This May 2009 article describes and links to "10 sites that provide free access to [U.S.] case law. Each has its peculiar strengths and weaknesses. Which is right for your research project? The answer depends on what you need." Discusses jurisdictions, time periods, and searching options. From Law.com.
URL: http://www.law.com/jsp/legaltechnology/pubArticleLT.jsp?id=12024305326...
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28364

Issues Update: Auto Theft
This page compiles government data on U.S. auto thefts. Includes data on the metropolitan areas with the highest auto theft rates, most frequently stolen vehicle models, and motorcycle thefts. Also addresses insurance premiums, anti-theft legislation and other measures to combat theft, theft of auto components such as air bags, anti-theft devices, and insurance discounts. From the Insurance Information Institute (III).
URL: http://www.iii.org/media/hottopics/insurance/test4/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27884

Locating Lawyers (Including Corporate Counsel): A Brief Overview of Attorney Directories and a 50 State Survey of Online State Bar Directories
This article provides details about how to find information about lawyers beyond the use of the well-known Martindale Hubbell directory. Includes links to sites for finding small law firms or solo practitioners and state bar associations that allow online searching by the general public for individual attorneys. From Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX.com).
URL: http://www.llrx.com/features/locatinglawyers.htm
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/26386


National Obituary Archive (NOA)
This site is a "repository of obituaries and death records with more than 55 million individual entries on file. ... Funeral directors across North America serve as Contributing Members to help ... publish obituaries based on information provided by families." Search for obituaries, or register to create an obituary or correct a record. Also includes a funeral home directory. From the Continental Computer Corporation, a maker of software for managing funerals and funeral homes.
URL: http://www.arrangeonline.com/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/26393

World Archives Project
This project invites users to "participate by accessing record images in our [genealogy] system and entering relevant names, dates and other facts to make the information searchable online." Includes a list of available projects and completion status, and information for participating. Projects include New York and California naturalization indexes, Jacksonville, Florida, city directories, and slave manifests filed at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1807-1860. From Ancestry.com.
URL: http://community.ancestry.com/wap/download.aspx
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28187

Ready Reference & Quick Facts

Anderson Auto History
This illustrated fact sheet covers automotive history of Anderson, Indiana, including brief descriptions of selected car models. Also provides material about Buckeye Manufacturing Company owner John Lambert, noting that for "many years, history books have credited the Duryea Brothers with producing America's first automobile in 1892. However, it has since been proven that in 1891, John Lambert ... successfully tested and drove a three-wheeled, surrey-topped, gasoline-powered runabout of his own design." From Anderson Public Library.
URL: http://www.and.lib.in.us/indianaroom/history/auto/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27393


Underground Injection Control Program: Hydraulic Fracturing
Background about hydraulic fracturing, "the injection of fluid under pressure to facilitate the production of oil and natural gas. This page explains the process of hydraulic fracturing, how hydraulic fracturing is regulated, and [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency] EPA's national study on hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane." Includes a link to the detailed study, which assesses potential contamination of underground sources of drinking water (USDWs). From the EPA.
URL: http://www.epa.gov/ogwdw/uic/wells_hydrofrac.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28374

What Is Hydraulic Fracturing?
This graphic explains hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas, which "involves the injection of more than a million gallons of water, sand and chemicals at high pressure down and across into horizontally drilled wells as far as 10,000 feet below the [earth's] surface." Includes a brief description of natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale in New York, Pennsylvania, and southern Appalachia. From ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative journalism newsroom.
URL: http://www.propublica.org/special/hydraulic-fracturing
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28373

LII New This Week

Thanks for reading LII New This Week!

Jennifer English, Liaison to Califa Library Group
Wendy Hyman, Senior Editor
Maria Brandt, Associate Editor
Charlotte Bagby, Senior Weeder

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