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LII New This Week
New This Week for July 16, 2009
This Week
This week's collection features resources on the games of lawn bowling, bocce, and petanque. Also learn about national natural landmarks and highway history, and enjoy sites about Robin Hood, Alexander Calder, and early advertising.

Tip of the Week
In July and August LII New This Week will feature websites selected and reviewed by former LII staff, and published by Drexel University. The next newsletter is planned for July 30; look for it in your RSS reader or on our website!
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Arts and Humanities

100 Places to Connect With Other Bibliophiles Online
"Reading is no longer an individual activity. Thanks to online book clubs, book trading networks, social media sites just for librarians and book lovers, kids' networks and more, connecting with your fellow bibliophiles and gnashing about favorite books is easier than ever. ... Check below for 100 different sites and networks to find other bibliophiles like you." From the Online Education Database (OEDb), a website that lists accredited online colleges.
URL: http://oedb.org/library/beginning-online-learning/100_places_to_connec...
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/26726

Craft Revival: Shaping Western North Carolina Past and Present
This site tells "the story of an exciting regional movement [in western North Carolina] that created handicrafts and preserved traditions from the 1890s to 1940s." Features background about the Appalachian region, the genesis of the craft revival, and craft in the area today, and details about the people and their crafts of textile work, basketry, pottery, metalwork, woodwork, and instrument construction. Search or browse over 1500 images. A project of Hunter Library at Western Carolina University.
URL: http://craftrevival.wcu.edu/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28264

Robin Hood and the Sherwood Forest
This exhibition on the folklore and literature associated with Robin Hood "features examples from the tales of Robin Hood in the collections held by Manuscripts and Special Collections at the University of Nottingham. It also highlights resources for the study of the historical Sherwood Forest and its laws." Exhibit topics include Maid Marian, Robin Hood's ancestry, deer in Sherwood Forest, and more. Includes suggestions for further reading. From the University of Nottingham, UK.
URL: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/play_264
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27540


Early Advertising of the West, 1867-1918
This digital collection "consists of over 450 print advertisements published in local magazines, city directories, and theater pamphlets from 1867 to 1918. These advertisements were selected and digitized in order to help researchers and students examine social, cultural and economic trends during this period." Includes an essay, brief bibliography, and sample searches (such as fashion and Klondike Gold Rush). From University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections.
URL: http://content.lib.washington.edu/advertweb/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27716


Community Policing Topics
Fact sheets about community policing, defined here as "a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime." Some of the topics include gangs, police integrity, school safety, and underage drinking. From the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice.
URL: http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/default.asp?Item=47
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27733

Criminal Justice Resources: Community Policing
Annotated links to publications and websites about community policing, which involves communication strategies and collaboration between police and individuals to solve neighborhood and community problems. Includes white papers, surveys, research briefs, and other material presenting a variety of perspectives on community policing. A few of the links are broken. From Michigan State University Libraries.
URL: http://staff.lib.msu.edu/harris23/crimjust/commpol.htm
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27734


The New York Times Video
Collection of videos presented by The New York Times. Search, or browse by topic such as breaking news, world news, politics, business, technology, environment, science, health, sports, opinion, arts, style, travel, and automobiles. Also includes interviews and videos related to New York Times Magazine articles.
URL: http://video.on.nytimes.com/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/26400


Alexander Calder: The Paris Years, 1926-1933
Companion to a 2008-2009 exhibit about artist Alexander Calder's time in Paris starting when he arrived in 1926 and "aspired to be a painter; ... [and ending] when he left in 1933, [after] he had evolved into the artist we know today: an international figure and defining force in twentieth-century sculpture." Features images and video, the exhibition brochure, chronology, and other information about the exhibit. From the Whitney Museum of American Art.
URL: http://www.whitney.org/www/calder/index.jsp
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27119

Ready Reference & Quick Facts

Highway History
Large compilation of reference material on the history of highways in the U.S. and the Federal Highway Administration. Features information about the developments of the U.S. interstate highway system, specific highways, interstate maintenance, the origins of the highway numbering system, the Zero Milestone (originally intended as the zero marker for all highways), and more. Includes a bibliography and lyrics to selected road songs. From the Federal Highway Administration, United States Department of Transportation.
URL: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/infrastructure/history.cfm
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27153


Bowling, Boules, and Bocce in Parks
This article describes lawn bowling, boules (petanque), and bocce, noting that these games "are similar in that generally the object of all games is to toss or lob a larger ball from a distance, landing it closest to a smaller target ball." Includes historical and recent photos of the games being played in New York City parks. From the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.
URL: http://www.nycgovparks.org/sub_about/parks_history/bocce.html
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27214

Federation of Petanque USA
Website for this nonprofit federation dedicated to petanque, a game using metal balls (boules) that "has its roots in the rich French culture, and is growing in popularity in the US." Features game rules, listings for U.S. petanque regions and clubs, newsletter, blog, and an event calendar. Blog includes a link to a video on the basics of petanque.
URL: http://www.usapetanque.org/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27210

United States Bocce Federation
This U.S. organization promotes bocce, a "competitive game of skill. ... It is very popular throughout the United States among Italian Americans who compose its greatest advocates and best players." Its website provides history of bocce and background about the game, rules, training tips, club listings tournaments, and related material about the game.
URL: http://www.bocce.com/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27213

The US Lawn Bowls Association
National organization for the game of lawn bowls, in which the goal is "to get more of your team's bowls closer to the jack (the small white ball) than your opponents on each 'end' played." Features background on the game, including history, description of the game and equipment, rules, and terminology. Find listings for tournaments and regional clubs and divisions in the U.S.
URL: http://www.uslba.org/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/27212

Regions of the World

National Park Service: National Natural Landmarks
Website for this National Park Service (NPS) program in which "National Natural Landmarks (NNLs) are designated by the Secretary of the Interior, with the owner's concurrence. To date, fewer than 600 sites have been designated." The NNL program "recognizes and encourages the conservation of outstanding examples of our country's natural history." Includes maps showing NNLs by state, FAQ, brochures, and related material. From the NPS.
URL: http://www.nature.nps.gov/nnl/
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/25978

Society & Social Science

This federal government website is an "online resource for not only finding volunteer opportunities in your community, but also creating your own." Enter a keyword and ZIP code to find service needs and contact information in your community, or register your own service opportunity. Also offers toolkits (such as for organizing a book drive) and a place to share your service story. From the Corporation for National and Community Service.
URL: http://www.serve.gov
LII Item: http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/item/28419

LII New This Week

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