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powhoge polychrome tesuque variety

Copyright (c) 1933, C. Swedzicki.

Powhoge Polychrome (Tesuque Variety) -- Circa 1830, Diameter 54 cm., Height 53 cm. School of American Research, Santa Fe, N.M., cat. no. 2465/12.

This beautiful jar is one of the tallest vessels of painted Pueblo Indian pottery ever made. The white (negative) rectangles in the black areas on the far left, the spiky crown-like motifs pointing upwards and downwards, and the feather-like "finger" on the right are features of Tesuque design. Crosshatching and the little spirals are also common Tesuque embellishments. In contrast to San Ildefonso storage jars of this period, this vessel has a flat support area, which is typical of Tesuque.

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