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intricately painted jar

Cochiti or Santa Domingo (Kiua Polychrome) --

Circa 1810, H. 43 cm., Coll. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Frank

A striking pattern of hollow-stepped square figures leads to horizontal stalks terminated by feather "fingers," all these motifs refleecting Tesuque and San Ildefonso influence. Keresan influence can be seen in the sharp feather points and arc enclosures. The simplicity and boldness of the design, the width of the red band around the underbody, and the strong ceremonial line-break pattern are all Kiua Polychrome featues. Its is difficult to establish whether this fine jar is of the Cochiti or the SantoDoingo variety of Kiua Polychrome.

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The above image and description originally appeared in Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians, 1600 - 1880

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