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small water jar decorated with foliage and birds

Zia -- Trios Polychrome Water Jar
Circa 1850, H. 25 cm., Coll. Mr. and Mrs Larry Frank

The form of this little water jar is entirely typical for Trios Polychrome , with convexly rounded underbody, low placement of the manximum diameter, and even the tall neck. In style the decoration is in transition to the naturalistic foliage and birds of the later Zia Polychrome. An attractive feature is the very thick mineral paint used for the black lines and decorated areas, giving a relief texture that is reminiscent of the Prehistoric glaze paints. Not visible is the unusual feature that the birds face in opposing directions, some to the left and some to the right. Another feature heralding Zia Polychrome is the multiple zigzag pattern in the neck-band decoration.

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The above image and description originally appeared in Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians, 1600 - 1880

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