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…on the THING for the Weeks of 01/06/14 - 04/07/14 :

What is your favorite TV show?

message: Right now, my favorite is Merlin. I loved it soooo much but it made me cry...
name: Aylin

message: My favorite TV show is 'Glee'.
name: Kaisah

message: The question is looking for a specific answer really, but i do not have a favorite TV show, but a favorite genre, and that, is paranormal TV shows. They combine my interests, paranormal investigation, and history. The reason I like these shows is, well, you can learn a lot about the lives of people from the time period the ghosts are reported from.
name: Callidogg

message: My favorite TV show would have to be Doctor Who. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it also teaches you a lot about space and the realities of time travel. It's very interesting and enjoyable for all ages.
name: Emma

message: Doctor Who
name: Maggie

message: My favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty. I like duck dynasty because it is real people and not a reality show. I also like it because it is funny.
name: Lexi

message: downton abbey
name: Angela

message: I used to love Arthur on PBS... hahaha good times
name: catheriney

message: My favorite tv show is beyond scared straight because it shows me where I could be if I don't act right.
name: Desiree