About the Exhibit and the Photographer
by Sandra Swisher

For the past two years, many people have commented about the beautiful photographs on the calendars in my office. My brother assembled these calendars to display his photographs of trains. When I was looking for a project to put together for this exhibit, I decided that I wanted to create a digital album of these photos.

When Greg was a toddler, our father put the Lionel train around the Christmas tree and Greg has been interested in trains ever since. I can barely remember our basement without a model train layout. At one point, the layout took up nearly 1/3 of our large basement. Between the layout and the boxes of model trains, our mother had trouble getting to the washing machine or finding a place to hang up clothing to drip dry.

As an adult, his interest has expanded to include railroad photography. For years he has been spending vacations and weekends going to locations all over the country to photograph trains. He has accumulated many boxes of slides taken during these trips and has several of his framed photos in his home. I had never seen many of the pictures until he started giving me his calendars. I must admit that I don't fully appreciate the beauty of these huge machines the way he does. When I look at some of the photos, I often concentrate more on the surrounding landscape than on the trains. As I was considering the design and content of this exhibit, I asked my brother to provide me with photos that might appeal to those who appreciate good photography as well as those who are interested in trains. I believe we have accomplished this goal with this collection and I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I did when I was putting together the exhibit.

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