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Materials Reconsideration Policy

Libraries have traditionally supported the freedom of individuals to read and view materials of their choosing. In the case of children, the responsibility for decisions about appropriateness rests with parents or legal guardians. While we support the right of all users of the Library to reject materials for themselves, no user may attempt to censor materials for others.

The ipl is committed to the principles of intellectual freedom, and has adopted as policy the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement. These and other documents regarding intellectual freedom may be found on the ALA’s Web site.

Users who wish staff of the Library to reconsider either (a) pointers to materials outside the Library’s original materials or (b) materials created by members of the Library should submit requests using our Contact Form and they will be forwarded to the appropriate division. Division coordinators will respond via email to such requests. Appeals are directed to the Director.

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