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Citing Sources

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Paraphrasing, summarizing and plagiarism
Using quotations
Styles of citation

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Paraphrasing, summarizing and plagiarism

Using Research Sources (Hamilton College)
“The use of evidence from outside sources is crucial for the successful development of an argument in a research paper. It is important, however, to use your evidence wisely so that your argument is not buried under a flood of other writers’ ideas.”
Introduction to Using Source Materials (U Richmond)
Introduction to styles of citation, plagiarism.
Avoiding Plagiarism (Hamilton College)
Using Paraphrases (U Richmond)
“Paraphrases restate another person’s ideas using your own words and your own sentence structures. Like direct quotes, they must be credited to their sources; to fail to do so constitutes plagiarism.”
Quoting & Paraphrasing (U Wisconsin-Madison)
Paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting and plagiarism.

Using quotations

Creative Use of Sources (U Richmond)
How to use sources in more creative ways than just by direct quotation.
Incorporating Quotations (U Richmond)
Effective Direct Quotes (U Richmond)
Integrating Quotations into a Literary Analysis Paper (U Wisconsin-Madison)
Extensive discussion of the use of quotations to emphasize your ideas, including the mechanics of incorporating quotations into sentences, indention, punctuation, documentation (citation).

Styles of citation

Note that almost all the OWLs have extensive sections on styles of citation. This is just a small sample. Jump to the list of OWLs to visit them.
Documentation Styles (U Wisconsin-Madison)
Introduction to the various styles of citing sources, including American Political Science Association (APSA), American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago/Turabian, Council of Biology Editors (CBE), Modern Language Association (MLA), Numbered References .
MLA Documentation
General introduction to the MLA citation style for print sources.
Guide to Turabian’s Manual for Writers (U Richmond)
General introduction to the Turabian style of citation and writing.
APA Documentation (U Richmond)
Not a detailed explanation of specific citation, but an overview of when APA is used and generally what it attempts to do with citations.
Citing Electronic Resources (Internet Public Library)

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