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Links – Table of Contents
Links for Research
Links for Writing

Links for Research

Reference sources on the Web
A chart of some of the online reference books available free on the Web
Web directories and subject-classified resources
IPL, Open Directory, Yahoo! et al
Search engines and their “search help” pages
Google, HotBot, Ask Jeeves, et al
Other links for learning to research
Online articles, online library and research instruction

Links for Writing

OwlOWLs on the Web
Links to Online Writing Labs (OWLs) “handouts”—look by topic first
OWL Handouts by Topic:
Common types of papers
Research papers—persuasive essays—narrative essays—cause/effect essays—how to write summaries—and more
Papers on special subjects
Film, drama and book reviews—writing about poetry—scientific and lab reports—abstracts—and others
Planning and starting the writing assignment
The writing process—ideas—journal writing—overcoming obstacles
The topic
Several articles from the OWLs
Title, introduction and conclusion
Several articles from the OWLs
Thesis statement
Articles from many points of view
Organizing information
Taking notes—outlining—organizing by cubing, mapping and more
Writing style and technique
Audience and tone—logic and developing arguments—sentences, words and phrases—paragraphs—coherence, clarity, conciseness—transitions—gender-fair writing—writing on the computer—other style and technique issues
Citing sources
Paraphrasing, summarizing and plagiarism—using quotations—styles of citation
Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
Links to grammar handbooks and spelling advice.
Revising and rewriting
How to proofread, edit and revise—short proofreading and editing checklists—critiques and peer review

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