Swinging Through Time


James Jenkins
James Jenkins
First off, a special thanks to the late James Jenkins for founding the Graystone International Jazz Museum and to the current board and staff who gave this project a green light and particularly to M.A. Lahab, Graystone Treasurer, for guiding us through the Graystone archives. Other than album covers, all images on this site appear courtesy of the Graystone Museum.  
  Thanks to the authors who generously gave permission for their essays to be reprinted here, and in particular to Jim Gallert who fielded questions about jazz history and shared his resources. Thanks to the recording artists who are sharing their work, and to Roy Brooks who trusted us with videos.  
  Thanks to Michael J. Polly who both created and aided in the design of graphics in this site.  
  Finally, we would like to thank the Internet Public Library for allowing us to present our exhibit within its site.  

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