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eReaders come in a variety of forms. They can be devices designed specifically for eBooks and other digital content, or software applications used on computers and smartphones. All are innovative in the same way – by giving users access to full-length electronic texts.

The advent of eReaders has shaken the world of books almost as much as the invention of movable type. eReaders have had a profound effect on the way libraries and the publishing industry function, and no less the way individuals use books. eReaders present a new realm of possibilities in technology and education, and at the same time have forced us to re-examine traditional concepts of print format, copyright, and information sharing. This resource serves as a starting point to understand the evolving world of eReaders and eBooks.

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This RSS feed draws on the Blogs and News sites listed below.

eReader Models: Direct Links to Manufacturer Websites

This is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list.

Apple IPad http://www.apple.com/ipad/

Information on the original ipad and now the ipad 2. Provides an overview of technical specifications and features as well in-depth information on its uses in education and business.
Bookeen Cybook http://www.bookeen.com/en/

Provides an overview of the Cyberbook Opus, the Cybook Orizon, and the Cybook Gen 3. The site also offers support for these devices.
Ectaco JetBook http://www.jetbook.net/

The Ectaco site which provides an overview of their various eBook devices. Though the site itself is a little overwhelming with regard to its layout and color scheme it still is a good resource for these eBook readers and translators.
Entourage eDGe http://www.entourageedge.com/

Here you will find the specifications and features for each of their Edge eReaders as well as ability to shop for eBooks and apps specifically for their dual-screen eReaders.
Hanvon E-Book Reader http://www.hanvon.com/en/products/ebook/index.html

Hanvon is a Chinese manufacturer of eReaders. They offer a number of different readers ranging in size from 5 to 8in, and you can find an overview for each on the site.
Iriver Story http://www.iriver.com/

The Iriver website where you can view their eReader’s the Cover Story and Story. The site provides overviews of their products as well as general support and information for their devices.
Kindle http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_200127470_ksupport_trouble?nodeId=200510540

This site provides support for all the generations of the devices as well Kindle software for other devices. The site also includes answers to frequently asked questions, simply scroll down the page to see the list.
Kobo http://koboeReader.com/user-guide

Kobo’s eReader guides website provides both user guides and warranty information for Kobo’s line of eReaders. If more help or information is needed they also provide a contact email on the page.
Nook http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nook/support/index.asp

This site offers a variety of information on the Nook from how to shop on it to how to manage your library and update the device.
Sony http://ebookstore.sony.com/reader/

The Sony Reader website provides an overview of the features and technical specifications for their Daily Edition, Pocket Edition, and Touch Edition Readers. In addition to providing an overview of features and functionality the site also offers support and information.


This site offers warranty information, troubleshooting, and other useful help for the Sony line of eReaders. One particularly good resource is the built-in support feature which allows a user to find information by either inputting their model or choosing it from a drop-down list.

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader http://www.cruzreader.com/

The Cruz Reader site lists the features, specifications, and possible uses of its Cruzreader. It also offers support information for the devices.

eReader Software Applications for Computers or Smartphones

This is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list.

Aldiko http://www.aldiko.com/features.html
Application for Android smartphones available in a free or paid version. Supports eBook formats ePub, PDF, and Adobe eBook DRM technology.
Calibre http://calibre-ebook.com/
Free, open source eBook management system and eBook viewer. Use to manage your eBook library, convert files, sync eReader devices, and for online access to your eBook collection.
eReader http://www.ereader.com/ereader/software/browse.htm
Provides software for various devices including smartphones, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.
FBReader http://www.fbreader.org/about.php
Free, open source eReader software application for use on Linux, Windows, and some smartphones. FBReaderJ, also available on this site, is for Android devices.
Internet Archive BookReader http://openlibrary.org/dev/docs/bookreader
Free, open source online eReader for use with Internet Archive eBooks. Can also be used with tablet devices like the ipad, and allows you to embed a book in a blog or website.
Kindle App http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=kcp_ipad_mkt_lnd?docId=1000493771

Free Kindle app for almost any computer or smartphone
Kobo http://www.kobobooks.com/getting_started
Free apps for smartphones, tablets, and for use on Windows or Macintosh.
Laputa http://www.laputareader.com/
Free app for Android mobile devices.
Microsoft Reader http://www.microsoft.com/READER/
Free software for any Windows-based device.
Mobipocket App http://www.mobipocket.com/en/DownloadSoft/ProductDetailsReader.asp
Software application for Windows, some smartphones, and the Cybook and iLiad eReader devices.
Nook http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/free-nook-apps/379002321/

This site provides an overview for all of the Nook Apps and the devices they operate on which include PCs, Ipads, Iphones, and Android devices.

eReaders for Kids

The following are eReaders designed with youth in mind.

FisherPrice iXL http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=10&e=ixl
For ages 3-7. An eReader and game player. Requires a Windows or Macintosh computer with an internet connection to set-up.
Leapster Explorer http://www.leapfrog.com/explorer/
For ages 4-9. A multi-purpose learning device that supports eBooks, games, and videos.
Nook Kids http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/childrens-ebooks-kids-ereaders-ebooks-digital-animated/379002530/
For pre-k to teens. The nook reader has been marketed to a younger audience, and this portion of the nook website features a section devoted to children and young adults.
Ripple Reader http://www.ripplereader.com/
For pre-k to 10+. This is a computer application that allows parents and kids to build an eBook library. Includes a read-along recording feature.
Vtech VReader http://www.vtechkids.com/v.reader/

For ages 3-7. Interactive device that supports both eBooks and reading games.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) and eBook formats


DRM is a term used to describe the technology to protect the copyright of digital works. The following resources give an overview of the basics of DRM and current issues.

Digital Restrictions Management


Basic DRM information, including background, implementation, and FAQ’s. Hosts many articles and related media. Run by the FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe), it’s main goal is to provide information to both users and developers on current trends and issues of DRM.

A Semantic Web Approach to Digital Rights Management

Thesis written in 2006 which covers the relationship between DRM and the Semantic Web and provides comprehensive, detailed, yet brief overview of the most prevalent issues in DRM.

Digital Rights and Digital Wrongs: Pushing the Impossible

This article is written by author/blogger Cory Doctorow and highlights many of the most pertinent issues that affect end-users. It covers key #0.1_topics in DRM; ranging from cost-benefit to accessibility.

eBook Formats

eBooks come in a variety of formats, and not all formats will work on every eReading device. The following resources describe the different eBook formats and which devices can read them.

Formats – eBook Architects


This contains an overview of the formats compatible with different eReaders. Ebookarchitects.com is created and maintained by an eBook developer.

Comparisons of E-book Formats – Wikipedia

This is a description of the different eBook formats; it includes a table displaying the formats that work on each device. Content is generated by a community of users and may change at any time. Information should be verified using other sources.

Choosing an Ebook Reader: Why Format Needs to Come First – EbookReaderGuide.com

EbookReadGuide.com is a blog dedicated to chronicling the eBook revolution. It includes a detailed description of the common eBook formats.

Reviews and Comparisons

This section contains websites that show comparisons and reviews of different ebook readers.

2011 Ebook Reader Comparison Chart

A comparison of Amazon’s Kindle 3 and Kindle DX, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Sony’s Reader Daily, and Apple’s iPad based on factors such as wireless capabilities, supported file formats, and price. Not as detailed as the Wikipedia article, but was written by professional reviewers at a website dedicated to eReaders. Good for shoppers because the article contains prices and information on where to find the lowest price.

PCWorld E-Reader Reviews

A list of individual reviews for individual Readers. Each review discusses the pros and cons of the device, a detailed review by a professional reviewer, and links to reviews by users. The information is authoritative and maintained by PC World, which is a known authority in the field of computers and technology.

Wikipedia Comparison of e-book readers

A very thorough and detailed comparison of all known and available eBook readers, broke upon into several categories such as, e.g., model, weight, screen size, wireless capabilities, storage capabilities, and supported file formats. Very good for quick comparisons to judge whether a particular model fits with what the user wants. Since this relies on user-generated content, it is subject to change without notice and should be verified using other sources.


eBook Libraries

The following websites offer free eBooks or ways to borrow eBooks online.


Free-ebooks.net provides a search tool for discovering free ebooks and magazines to download. The site requires a membership, however there are several membership levels including a free one. The site also supports a method of self-publishing and sharing your own work online.

Google eBookstore

Search for ebooks in a variety of formats. Downloading requires a Google account. Beyond simply searching, the eBookstore also provides a way to organize your eReader content, as well as a central place to access your downloads from anywhere. Browse free ebooks by clicking on the “Best of Free” section from the main page.



Inkmesh is a search engine for eBooks that covers multiple sites including Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, the Internet Archive, Powells.com, Project Gutenberg, Sony eBook store, and many more. You can search for free eBooks, compare prices of those for sale, or browse by subject.

Internet Archive

With over 2,500,000 items and counting, the Internet Archive Text Archive has a variety of fiction, children’s books, and historical works that are either out of copyright, or have a Creative Commons license. View titles online or download for eReader devices or applications. All content is free.

MobileRead Wiki – EBook Lending Libraries

This page is maintained by a community of users and provides a list of sites where you can find eBooks to borrow. You will also find information on online eBook stores and how to find free eBooks.

Lending Library from Open Library

Borrowing requires free membership and a user profile. Open Library is an online cataloguing initiative linked with the Internet Archive, and together they have partnered with Overdrive to provide a searchable online eBook lending library.

Project Gutenberg

The first collection of free eBooks for download online. Find eBooks in a variety of formats. No fee or membership is required.

News and Blogs

eReader and eBook technology is constantly changing. Check out these blogs to read about the latest news.

The Digital Reader

A resource for news on eReaders, eBooks, and digital publishing. Provides eReader reviews, a user forum, and links for how to find free eBooks. Look here for regular updates on industry news and new and forthcoming devices. The author of the site also blogs for Mediabistro’s eBookNewser.

The eBook Reader Blog

Part of the larger The-eBook-Reader.com. The site is maintained by an expert-by-experience, who comes to eReaders as both a reader and a writer. The Blog offers nearly daily updates on new devices and eReader news and tips.



eReader news since July 2009. This blog is for both professionals and consumers, and focuses more on news than troubleshooting. The site provides videos and photos for device comparison, as well as information on electronic paper and display technology.

eReaders – Teleread


Teleread supports this blog for eReaders, alongside related #0.1_topics including Libraries and eBooks, Copyright, and Publishing. The editors are experts in the field, from both a usability and technical point of view. They draw on news from all over the Internet and post new material daily.

Overdrive – News Hub


OverDrive is a company that distributes eBooks and digital content to libraries, schools, and colleges. Their “News Hub” features an RSS feed for news and press releases. They also manage two blogs which can be accessed in the right-hand column of the page. These blogs cover a variety of #0.1_topics from troubleshooting their own eBook library system, to distribution and eBook reviews.


This is a very lively and well maintained blog by an eReader user. The blogger uses a Sony eReader but offers a lot of tips and advice on other devices. He also keeps a blogroll of sites on eReaders from all over the world, and welcomes user commentary.


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