Collection of unique, multimedia presentations. From lighthouse photographs to the classics of Western music, there’s something here for everyone!

Anarchist Images
An exhibit of anarchist posters which exemplify the variety of opinions, viewpoints and causes which define anarchist movements.
The Art of the Fake: Egyptian Forgeries
Showcases a variety of forgeries from the Kelsey Museum of Archeology alongside examples of genuine Egyptian antiquities, including sculptures, mummy portraits and other artifacts.
Dinosaur Floor of the Exhibit Museum
Take a virtual tour of the Dinosaur Floor of the University of Michigan Exhibit Museum using QuickTime VR technology.
Gathering of Quilters
View over 90 quilts that were shown at the Quilters Gathering Quilt Show in Benton Harbor, Michigan on March 16, 2002. Learn more about individual quilters and the inspiration behind their quilts. Links to outside sites direct visitors to more information on quilt history, patterns, and techniques.
Isle Royale Travelog
Take a virtual trip to Isle Royale, one of the United States’ most remote National Parks.
Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
Features photographs and descriptions of over 400 lighthouses.
Genesis: A Photographic Essay
This exhibition of photographs displays African-Americans citizens as contributing members of Kansas City society.
Experience the history of a new musical venue in Detroit, called IO, through interviews, sound files, and photography.
Music History 102
A Guide to Western Composers and Their Music. Experience Western musical history through information on the thirty-some odd composers chosen as representative of the great music, styles, and trends in music history.
Pueblo Pottery
Displays a wide range of Native American Pueblo pottery from the Southwestern United States. Full screen, full color images are accompanied by detailed descriptions.
Swinging Through Time
The history of the Detroit jazz scene comes to life through a multimedia experience including essays, photographs, RealAudio and QuickTime video.
Trains Across America
A sampler of railroad photographs taken over the past 10 years of trains throughout the United States.

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