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Grant Writing and Other Fundraising Information

Example Questions That Can Be Answered Using This FAQ

  • What grants is my library eligible to apply for?
  • Are there any resources about grants for arts organizations available online?

Many of our patrons want to know how to write grants and find funders. We’ve found a number of sources that provide information to grant seekers and persons looking for general financial aid on the Internet.

Online Resources

Grants, Etc. includes directories of funding sources and related learning resources. It’s designed for both novice and advanced grant seekers.

SRA International GrantsWeb is written with academic research administrators in mind, but it contains information useful for any grant seeker. It provides links to government, private, and international funding sources.

Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) provides grants to museums and libraries. Grants can be searched for by grant name, institution, or project type.

SchoolGrants is for those looking for PK-12 school grant opportunities. It includes grant writing tips, sample proposals, fundraising opportunities, and more.

For information about financial aid and other sources of funding for students, try ipl’s TeenSpace Student Aid resource list.

idealist.org’s Resources for Nonprofit Organizations includes information on nonprofit fundraising in the section “Where does the money come from?”

The Foundation Center provides information on foundations and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and globally. It also provides online trainings, like the free tutorial Proposal Writing Short Course. In addition to its Web presence, it maintains collections and has specialists in physical libraries around the country. Be aware that some of the information and services require a subscription.

The About.com Guide How to Write a Grant Proposal provides useful grant writing tips, such as what to include in each major section of a proposal.

Other Resources

It is important to remember that a library is also a good place to do research about grants. Grant writing and financial aid are popular subjects, so most libraries try to keep up with the latest information on the topics.

Not sure how to find your library? Go to our Library Locator page where we’ve listed resources to help you find the nearest physical library to you.

This FAQ updated by Kara Larson in 2012.