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Say Hello in the Portuguese Language

Portuguese is most widely spoken in Portugal – the country of its origin – and Brazil – where it is the national language. While there are basic differences in structure and sound between the two variants, you can say hello in Portuguese the same way in both Europe and Brazil.

English:Good dayMy name is
Portuguese:Bom diaMeu nome
Pronunciation:bohn JEE-ahMEH-oo NOH-meh

The most common way to say hello in Portuguese is olá (pronounced oh-la). This is a more formal greeting than oi (pronounced oy), which is a way to say hi informally. If you were to say good day to someone, you would use bom dia. However, it is advisable to use this greeting only till noon. To greet someone post noon, you would say boa tarde (pronounced boh-ah tahr-jia) and to greet someone at night, you would say boa noite (pronounced boh-ah no-ee-tay).

Did You Know You Were Speaking Portuguese?

Portuguese shares a lot of its characteristics with other Western romance languages (languages from the West that arose from Vulgar Latin) like Spanish and French. So, those who know these languages are likely to find it easy to learn Portuguese. Also, because of extensive trade and commerce between North America and Europe, several words from Portuguese have been absorbed into English. Here are some words in English you probably didn’t know were from the Portuguese language:


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Who Can You Talk To?

There are more than 257 million people who speak Portuguese in Portugal, Brazil, the United States of America, Canada, India, Macau, France, Mozambique, Angola, Spain, Guinea Bissau, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Cape Verde Islands, and São Tomé e Príncipe. Now, you can say hello in Portuguese to over 257 million people!* *Source: Ethnologue: Portuguese – (Register for free to access.)

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