ipl Isle Royale Travelog

Isle Royale Travelog

A Beginner’s Guide to Isle Royale

Sunrise at Threemile Campground
Sunrise at Threemile Campground

We have created this site to serve as a starting point for planning a trip to this majestic National Park. Resources included on this site:

History – A brief history of Isle Royale

Journal – This journal was kept by one of the authors of the site on her (first but not last!) trip to Isle Royale.

More IR Travel Journals – Links to other online journals put together by people who have experienced this amazing place. The journals in this section will eventually be cataloged according to which Isle Royale trails they profile.

Resources – This section is divided up into three categories of other resources you may be interested in consulting: Web (links to informational sites about the Island), Publications (books on the history, flora, fauna, and geology of the island, as well as visitors’ guides), and Videos.

Isle Royale Travelog
Conceived and developed by Alexandra Van Doren and Carol Whittaker
Photographs by Alexandra Van Doren
Text by Carol Whittaker and Alexandra Van Doren