ipl Learning HTML

Quick Reference

Basic Tags

<html></html> Document Type beginning and end of HTML file
<head></head> Header descriptive info about the document
<style></style> Style indicates internal style sheet for CSS
<title></title> Title appears in the browser title bar
<body></body> Body contains contents of what will be displayed
<span></span> Span makes an invisible containter; great for applying CSS to small amounts of text
<div></div> Div makes an invisible container; great for applying CSS to large amounts of text, images, or anything inside the body tags

Format Tags

<br /> Line Break start a new line
<p> Paragraph starts a new line and skips a line
&nbsp; Non-breaking Space puts a single blank space
<hr /> Horizontal Rule makes a horizontal line
<center></center> Center centers text, images, etc. on line
<strong></strong> Strong makes text bold
<em></em> Emphasis makes text in italics
<? style="text-align: center;"></?> Center inline style CSS for use with many differnet HTML tags for centering text, images, etc. on a line

Fonts and Text Styles

<font size="?"></font> Font Size changes font size, ranging from 1-7
<font face="***"></font> Font Face changes text style, use face name
<font color="***"></font> Font Color changes text color, use color name or color code
<font style="font-size:?;"></font> Font Size CSS inline style for changing font size; use px, em, or word values
<font style="font-family: ?;"></font> Font Face CSS inline style for changing text style; use face name
<font style="color: ?;"></font> Font Color CSS inline style for chaning font color; use color code

Links and Images

<a href="***"></a> makes a link to another page, use URL or filename
<img src="***" / > places an image on the page, use filename
<img src="***" width="? " height="?" / > change dimensions of Image
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”?.css” /> use between head tags when using an external style sheet for CSS


<body bgcolor="?"> Changes color of background, use color code
<body background ="***"> Uses image for background, use filename
<body style="background-color: ?;"></body> inline style CSS for changing color of background, use color code

This resource originally created by Deborah Dunk.
Revised and edited by Michael Galloway in 2005 & in 2006.