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Three Sisters of Nauset Lights

“North Eastham, Massachusetts”

Built: 1892
Decommissioned: “1911, 1923”

“The original ‘Three Sisters’ were three 15-foot tall, white and black masonry lighthouses set 150 feet apart. They were built in 1838 between Highland (one light) and Chatham (two lights),. They were called the ‘Three Sisters’ because they looked like three ladies in white dresses with black hats. The current three 22-foot tall wooden towers replaced the masonry ones in 1892 and the masonry ones went over the edge of the cliff later that year. In 1911, two of the wooden towers were retired and the remaining tower was attached to a relocated keeper’s house. The last tower was retired in 1923 when the present Nauset Beach Light tower was moved from Chatham. The three wooden towers were purchased, and have been restored, by the National Park Service and placed at a site near their original location. The restoration was completed in 1989 and the three towers are now open to the public.”

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Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
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