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First Great Lakes Lighthouse Expedition

July 22 – July 23, 1987
Lake Huron

July 22, 1987

Hot & Sunny

8:20 am
Left Home
9:45 am
Arrived in Marine City. The Peche Island Light was moved to Marine City in 1983 and located in a park at the river’s edge. Left 10:15 am.

10:55 am
Arrived at Light Ship Huron in Port Huron at Pine Grove Park at river’s edge. At the time we visited, the ship was being painted. Left 11:05 am.

11:16 am
Arrived at Fort Gratiot Light in Port Huron, north of bridge at Garfield and Omar Streets. Oldest Lighthouse in Michigan. Left 11:30 am.

12:17 pm
Arrived at Port Sanilac Light; privately owned dwelling on Lake St. Walked out on Marina to get pictures. Left 12:32 pm.
12:45 pm
Lunch stop north of Richmondville at scenic turnout overlooking Lake Huron–walked down to beach. Left 1:20 pm.

1:40 pm
Arrived at Harbor Beach (Sand Beach) Light on the breakwater at the entrance. Left 1:50 pm.

2:17 pm
Arrived at Pointe Aux Barques Light, north of Port Huron near Huron City. Museum closed (open Sat & Sun noon – 4). Left 2:40 pm.

3:03 pm
Arrived at Port Austin Reef Light, out in the bay. Pictures taken from Bird Creek beach in Port Austin. Left 3:12 pm.

5:22 pm
Saginaw River Rear Range Light. After driving around Bay City and getting lost we gave up trying to get any closer and took picture from the hood of the truck while parked near the power plant.
5:41 pm
We made another attempt to get close to the Saginaw River Rear Range Light, this time from the north. Dow Chemical surrounds the lighthouse with their private property. Left 5:45 pm.
6:00 pm
Dinner at Big Boy, Euclid Ave., Bay City. Left 6:55 pm.

8:30 pm
Arrived at Tawas Pt. Light. It is located in the State Park. We parked and walked a distance to get to it and got the best pictures on the Nature Trail. It was near sunset over Tawas Bay. Left 8:55 pm.

July 23, 1987

Hot, Sunny, Hazy

8:45 am
Left East Tawas after breakfast.
9:34 am
Arrived at Sturgeon Point Lighthouse and Marine Museum. The Alcona Historical Society has been restoring the Lighthouse and living quarters. They are open six days a week, 10-4. We were able to tour the house and go up to the top of the lighthouse. We purchased two prints and went back for the counted cross stitch kit. Left 11:04 am.
We skipped the lights in the Alpena area–two were on islands and the one in town was a metal structure that Don wasn’t interested in seeing. We got lunch at McDonalds and ate in the car while heading north.
12:38 pm
We arrived at the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse and Museum which is now listed as a Michigan Historical Site. At the entrance to this site we passed the old Front Range Light which had been moved from its original location years before. We drove north about a mile to the "new" Presque Isle Lighthouse which is in need of some repairs. With some perseverance we were able to find the old Rear Range Light which is now a private residence. Left 1:37 pm.
2:05 pm
We arrived at the Forty Mile Point Light. We didn’t know about or find the road leading to the park at the lighthouse. We parked and walked along the beach to the light. It was hot and the beach was very rocky; got a few stones for Mom; the flies were annoying. Left 2:40 pm.
3:23 pm
We started the nature trail in the Cheboygan State Park called the Lighthouse Ruins Trail. We hiked over 1 1/4 miles as there were a few trail markers missing! We found the ruins and then walked out to the beach. From there we could see the Poe Reef Light and the Fourteen Foot Shoal Light. We then took another picture of what we believe to be the base of the lighthouse that was the original Cheboygan Light. We picked up stones from both ruins. We sat on a log on the beach and drank our pop. Then we hiked back to the truck and took a picture of the trail board. Left 4:40 pm.
5:06 pm
Cheboygan River Front Range Light, easily found in town near the river. We found the Cheboygan Crib Light, but not as pictured in the book; it was on shore, not out in the water. We believe that a new round structure at the end of a pier may have taken its place. We left Cheboygan at 5:50 pm.
11:20 pm
Arrived back home (White Lake, Michigan).

Trip Totals: 19 Lighthouses, 783 miles, 2 days.

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Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
Conceived and Developed by David S. Carter
Photographs by Donald W. Carter
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