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Fourteenth Lighthouse Expedition

February 13, 1993
Winter Trip to Tawas and Sturgeon Point

February 13, 1993, Saturday

8:33 am
We left home
10:45 am
Arrived at friend Shirley’s home on the Rifle River near West Branch. It’s a beautiful spot. She served a wonderful lunch.
1:50 pm
We left West Branch and drove to Tawas.
2:45 pm
We arrived at the Tawas Lighthouse. We were able to drive right into the state park. Sure looks different in the winter with the snow. Don took several pictures. We decided we had time to drive to Sturgeon Point.
4:00 pm
Arrived at the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse. We took several pictures of this light with snow all around. Left at 4:22 pm. Had dinner at Bob Evans in Flint.
8:45 pm
Arrived home.

Trip Totals: 2 Lighthouses (not new) 411 miles, 1 day

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Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
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Photographs by Donald W. Carter
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