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Second Great Lakes Lighthouse Expedition

August 24 – 29, 1987
Lake Superior & Lake Michigan

August 24, 1987, Monday

Very Cool

9:00 am
Left Home
9:50 am
Stopped for donuts.
10:05 am
Stopped at Manufacturers Market Place. Left 10:35 am.
1:50 pm
Lunch at rest area just south of Mackinac Bridge. Left 2:20 pm.
2:25 pm
Crossed over Mackinac Bridge to Upper Peninsula.
3:20 pm
We could see the Martin Reef Light from Highway 134. It is quite a way out into the water (approx. 4.5 miles). We took the Cadogan Pt. Road, but it took us into a resort and we couldn’t see the lighthouse from there. Left 3:32 pm.
4:00 pm
After an ice cream stop we went back to De Tour State Park to get a picture of the De Tour Reef Light in case we can’t get any closer. It is also out in the water and helps mark the entrance to St. Mary’s river. We got a closer view just outside De Tour Village. Left 4:21 pm.
5:47 pm
Stopped at Soo Locks. Saw a BIG ship go up the locks. Went to the Tower of History to get a panoramic view of Sault Ste. Marie. Stayed at the Bavarian Inn Motel. Had dinner at the Big Boy. Walked to a grocery store. Had Dairy Queen (right next to the motel).

August 25, 1987, Tuesday

8:30 am
Left motel and stopped for ice. Left Sault Ste. Marie at 8:36 am.
9:06 am
Arrived at Point Iroquois Light at entrance to St. Mary’s River. Hours 10 to 5, 7 to 9. Left 9:40 am.
10:45 am
Arrived at Whitefish Point Lighthouse. There is also the Shipwreck Museum and Bird Observatory (Michigan Audubon Society). Left 11:20 am.
12:50 pm
Arrived at Crisp Point Light. (What a Trip!) We walked along the beach and met a couple from Union Lake! The lighthouse was a ways down the beach. We had lunch in the van and left at 1:52 pm.
3:05 pm
Stopped for gas in Newberry.
4:15 pm
Munising. Purchased tickets for 5:00 boat trip. Went to Dairy Queen.
5:00 pm
Pictured Rocks Boat Trip, which included going past Grand Island East Channel Light and Munising Range Lights (Front and Rear). Arrived back in Munising at 7:30 pm.
8:00 pm
Left Munising.
8:08 pm
After a little back-tracking we arrived at the Grand Island West Channel Lights (new and old lights).
9:00 pm
Stayed in the Northern Motel, just outside of Munising. Had dinner at Zieglers Family Restaurant.

August 26, 1987, Wednesday

(Twentieth Wedding Anniversary)

8:04 am
Left motel.
9:25 am
Arrived at Hurricane River Camp Ground. We hiked 1.5 miles to Au Sable Point Light. Workmen were painting the tower. There are several buildings and plans are for a museum in the future. Left at 10:56 am.
11:25 am
Arrived at Grand Marais Harbor Lights. Left 11:35 am.
12:07 pm
Stopped for lunch at roadside park just south of Germfash. Left 12:45 pm.
1:15 pm
Arrived at Seul Croix Lighthouse and township park on Lake Michigan. Left 1:28 pm.
1:50 pm
Arrived at Manistique East Breakwater Light–a red tower. Left 1:56 pm.
3:10 pm
Arrived at Naubinway Island Light off shore from Nawbinway (east of Seul Crois Pt.). This one is not shown in any of our information and looks like a new tower. Left 3:25 pm.
3:50 pm
White Shoal Light, way off in the distance off shore from Brevort. We can also see what we believe to be Hog Island. Left 3:55 pm.
4:12 pm
We were able to see the top of St. Helena Island Light from Gras Cap Road.
5:00 pm
Took the Arnold Ferry to Mackinac Island. Saw the Round Island Lighthouse and the newer Round Island Passage Light from the ferry. While on the island we saw many shops, bought fudge, toured the fort, and bought a little wooden lighthouse. We had dinner at the hotel on the Island.

August 27, 1987, Thursday

Clear and Sunny.

1:30 pm
Arrived back at St. Ignace and then went over Mackinac Bridge to the Lower Peninsula.
1:42 pm
Arrived at the Old Mackinaw Point Light and had lunch at the park. Left 2:30 pm.
2:40 pm
Arrived at McGulpin Point Light; private residence. Left 2:50 pm.
3:23 pm
Arrived in Cross Village to see three lighthouses a ways off shore from Waugoshance Point: Grays Reef Light, White Shoal Light (again) and Waugoshance Light. We’re glad that it’s a clear, sunny day. Left 3:35 pm.
3:50 pm
Along Hwy. 119 we got a better view of Skilligalle Light and stopped to take another picture. Left 4:02 pm.
4:35 pm
Arrived in Harbor Springs. The point and Little Traverse (Harbor Point) Light are privately owned so our best view was from the bluff overlooking the bay (the guard wouldn’t let us pass!) This is another that we may be able to get a better view of from a boat. We then found another spot closer to the water and took another picture. (P.S. There are beautiful homes in Harbor Springs.) Left 4:55 pm.
5:30 pm
Arrived at Charlevoix South Pier Light. There is a nice beach here. The light is a tower and not too pretty. Left 5:38 pm.

Had dinner in Charlevoix. Visited Shops. Went to Brownwood at tip of Torch Lake–got 2nd little wooden lighthouse.
8:00 pm
Slept at Bob & Kathy’s cottage.

August 28, 1987, Friday

8:55 am
Left the cottage.
9:50 am
Arrived at the Old Mission Point Light, a private residence on a Township park. Left 10:05 am.
10:30 am
Made a shoe and grocery stop in Traverse City. Left 10:50 am.
11:40 am
Arrived at Grand Traverse Light, on the tip of Leelanau. Museum open Friday to Sunday, 1Ð5 pm. Ate a picnic lunch in State Park. Left 12:25 pm.
1:00 pm
Arrived in Leland. Checked on ferry to South Manitou–all day trip is $12 each. Left 1:20 pm.
1:25 pm
Arrived at Point Betsie Light, Coast Guard Station, right on Lake Michigan. The lighthouse now has three Coast Guard family apartments. It is an operating light. Left 2:40 pm.
2:51 pm
Arrived at Frankfort North Breakwater Light. Don walked out on breakwater to get a picture. Left 3:02 pm.
3:17 pm
Arrived at Gwen Frosdicks, met Steebers. Left 3:57 pm.
3:38 pm
Arrived at Manistee North Pierhead Light. Lots of fisherman on the pier and boats in the water. Left 4:53 pm.
5:55 pm
Arrived at Big Sable Point Light in Ludington State Park. Walked two miles to the lighthouse. Met Ed Hallin, a man who lives there and is working to restore the property and develop it into the Big Sable Point Conference Center. Left 7:20 pm.
7:30 pm
Arrived at Ludington North Breakwater Light. Left 7:38 pm.
8:30 pm
Arrived at Little Sable Point Light at sunset. It may be too dark for pictures. This light is all brick and not painted white. Left 8:50 pm.

Had dinner in Silver Lake–took the long way to Muskegon. Stayed at the Bel Aire Motel.

August 29, 1987, Saturday

9:10 am
Left Bel Aire Motel, Muskegon.
9:25 am
Arrived at Muskegon South Pier Light and Muskegon South Breakwater Light. We walked out onto the breakwater a great distance to get just the right shot! Left 9:55 am.
10:48 am
Arrived at White River Light Station and Museum, hours Sun to Fri 11Ð5, Sat 12Ð5. There were several people there and she opened early! Beautiful lighthouse and museum. Bought a postcard and t-shirt for Don. Left 11:35 am.
1:35 pm
Arrived at Mystic Lake Camp for Lakeland Marching Band show. Left 3:50.

Had dinner at Big Boy at US 23 and M-59. Took Kelly McKenna (a friend of Andrea’s) home.
7:40 pm
Arrived home.

Trip Totals: 33 Lighthouses, 1642 miles, 6 days.

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Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
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