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Sixth Great Lakes Lighthouse Expedition

October 3, 1988
Detroit River

October 3, 1988, Monday

9:00 am
Left home and stopped at Meijers for film.

10:10 am
Arrived at the Light House Depot on Mt. Elliott Ave. in Detroit. This is where Lighthouse memorabilia is stored. It is now owned by the Detroit Historical Society and will eventually be a museum. We could not get in. Left at 10:20 am.

10:35 am
Arrived on Belle Isle and walked to the William Livingstone Memorial Light on the east end of the island in the Detroit River. Left Belle Isle about 11:10 am.
11:40 am
Arrived at the Windmill Point Light. It stands at the entrance to the Detroit River at Lake St. Clair. It’s next to a very poor trailer park.
12:30 pm
We stopped for lunch in Wyandotte at a Wendy’s. Left at 1:10 pm.
1:20 pm
Arrived at the Grosse Ile North Channel Front Range Light. It’s in front of a very nice house. Don was bold and went on the property and took pictures anyway. The Lighthouse is owned by the Historical Society. Note: This whole island is loaded with very nice houses! Left at 1:50 pm.
2:05 pm
Arrived at Point Mouille and we could see the Detroit River Light which is at the entrance of the Detroit River at Lake Erie. It was a distance out, but we did get pictures. Left at 2:25 and headed home.

Trip Totals: 4 Lighthouses, 1 day.

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Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
Conceived and Developed by David S. Carter
Photographs by Donald W. Carter
Text by Diana K. Carter, Donald W. Carter & David S. Carter

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