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Twenty-fourth Lighthouse Expedition

June 14-15, 1996
Port Austin Reef Light

Friday, June 14, 1996

Beautiful, sunny, warm day

11:10 am
Left home.
11:55 am
We stopped for donuts south of Lapeer
1:35 pm
We arrived at the Port Sanilac Lighthouse. It is a private residence. We talked to the foreman of the inside restoration crew who told us the lighthouse was formerly owned by Carl of Carl’s Chophouse in Detroit and now belongs to his granddaughter. We went to the end of Cherry St. where there is parking and walked out onto the breakwater to take pictures and took some from other spots in the area. We took pictures from the marina on our first lighthouse trip in 1987. Left 2:00 p.m.
2:30 pm
Arrived at the Harbor Beach Light. It’s a small tower at the end of the breakwater. We went to the public beach at the end of Trescott Street and then onto the pier to view the light. (A little cooler near the water today.) It’s a nice walk out to the end of the pier and there are benches along the way.
3:10 pm
We arrived at Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse located in a county park. There is a museum here open Sat. & Sun. from 12-4:00 p.m. We’ll return tomorrow afternoon. This is a working light. Left 3:25.
3:45 pm
Arrived in Port Austin and we can see the Port Austin Reef Light about 2 1/2 miles out in the water. We parked and walked around town. Don found a Port Austin Reef Light T-Shirt. We had HUGE ice cream cones at Sweeties.
5:00 pm
We arrived at the Castaways Beach Resort and checked in. We drove back to Port Austin and went to the park near the water front. We returned to the motel and cleaned up for dinner.
7:00 pm
We had dinner at the Garfield Inn in Port Austin. It’s a National Historic Site and was frequented by President Garfield. The Inn is also a bed and breakfast and is beautifully restored. Our dinner was excellent and pricy.
9:05 pm
Arrived back at the Castaways for the night.

June 15, 1996, Saturday

8:00 am
Left the Castaways Beach Resort.
8:05 am
We arrived at Sweeties Restuarant in Port Austin and met Lou Schillinger and the Port Austin Reef Light Association members for breakfast. 9:30 am We left the dock on the pontoon boat (called the "barge" by the restoration crew). Those on the trip this day were Lou, Mary Ann Thompson, Dan DeGraff, and Steve Mausolf. The trip out was calm. They used the hoist to unload the table saw and generator. Mary Ann and Diana washed the windows in the lantern. room. We had a tour of the lighthouse and were impressed with the new roof and all the other improvements they have made. This has been a long slow project by a few very dedicated people. Funds for restoration are by donation. Our main purpose for this trip was to get pictures for the Web page, and wouldn’t you know, Don’s camera wasn’t working. Our big thanks to Steve who had an extra camera with him and loaned one to Don. We now have a picture of this light. Lou cirlcled the light so Don could get shots from every angle.
11:55 am
Arrived back in Port Austin and went to Lou’s house and bought a brick which they are selling to help raise funds for restoration. We now have a great door stop! Thanks Lou for a great morning and we’ll be back later this summer to help give you a hand.
12:30 pm
We went back to the Point Aux Barques Lighthouse Museum. We took the tour and Don bought – guest what? – a T-Shirt!
1:00 pm
Had lunch in Port Austin at Kornettis’ – great sandwiches. We drove around the rest of the thumb through Caseville and then Bay City.
5:00 pm
Arrived home.

Trip Totals: 4 Lighthouses (none new), 375 miles, 2 days

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Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
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