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Sites about Latin literature:

Classical and Medieval Literature Sites
A list of annotated links to major sites.
Author: Marlene Manoff
Guiding Strangers through Rome – Plautus, Propertius, Vergil, Ovid, Ammianus Marcellinus, and Petrarch
“Rather than compile an anthology I will try to explain under which circumstances sightseeing tours through cities can become a topic in Latin literature and what can be learned from this phenomenon about the structure of Latin literature in general.”
Contains: Historical Context
Author: Ulrich Schmitzer
From: Electronic Antiquity Vol. 5 no. 2 October 1999
The Major Periods of Latin Literature
“The main body of Latin Literature lies in the period between Lucretius and the 2 nd c. A.D. Here are outlined in brief the major sectors of Latin writing.”
Contains: Historical Context
Author: Harris, William
Modern Literary Theory and Latin Poetry: some Anglo-American Perspectives
“My concern in this paper is to offer… a sketch of some developments in the criticism of Latin poetry in the English-speaking world since the New Criticism. Obviously this too will be a story, my own way of emplotting the events. But I hope it will help mainland European classicists in particular to orientate themselves with respect to current Anglo-American work, and serve as a starting-point from which we may all consider within our own native traditions the directions we wish our subject to take and the role we see it playing in our own societies.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Don Fowler
From: Arachnion n. 1.2, September 1995
The Petronian Society Ancient Novel Web Page
This site provides descriptions of several ancient novels, as well as a huge bibliography dedicated to the study of the ancient novel. The bibliography is searchable, permitting more focused exploration. A supplemental database is added to continually. An excellent research tool.
Contains: Bibliography, Plot Summary
Author: Jean Alvares
The Role of Greek in Latin Literature
“Greek Literature, which dates from the early 5 th c. B.C. and continues in a traceable tradition to the end of the 4 th c. B.C. (after which it becomes what we call Hellenistic, with far greater output apparently based on decreasing talent), was known to the Romans as early as the 3 rd. c. B.C., when they began to read, translate and imitate the works of the established and famous Greek literary masters.”
Contains: Historical Context
Author: William Harris
Roman Comedy: Plautus and Terence
“Plautus is the earliest writer to survive in a full form. Born around the middle of the 3 rd c. BC,. he lived on to 184 BC. He was a man of the people, a carpenter in early life who wrote plays after constructing stage scenery for a living.”
Contains: Historical Context
Author: William Harris

Authors in Latin literature:

Lucius Apuleius ( – )St. Augustine (354 – 430)
Gaius Valerius Catullus (84 BCE – 54 BCE)Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 B.C.E. – 43 B.C.E.)
St. Eugenius of Toledo III (? – 657)Horace (65 B.C.E. – 8 B.C.E.)
Lucretius (98 BCE – 55 BCE)Ovid (43 B.C.E. – 17 C.E.)
Petronius (? – 66 C.E.)Plautus (c. 254 B.C.E. – 184 B.C.E.)
Plutarch (46 AD – ca 120 AD)Sextus Propertius (ca 50 BCE – 16 AD)
Terence (c. 195 B.C.E. – 159? B.C.E.)

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