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Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321)

Nationality: Italian Periods: Italian: Pre-1375

writer of The Inferno part of The Divine Comedy

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The Divine Comedy [Comedia Divina]

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Criticism about Dante Alighieri

Dante and the Bowery
“It is the conventional thing to praise Dante because he of set purpose ‘used the language of the market-place,’ so as to be understanded of the common people; but we do not in practice either admire or understand a man who writes in the language of our own market-place.”
Contains: Criticism, Commentary
Author: Theodore Roosevelt
From: History as Literature, and Other Essays 1913
Dante, Chaucer, and the Currency of the Word: Money, Images, and Reference in Late Medieval Poetry
“This book begins to deal with the analogy by mapping Dante’s reaction to money in the Commedia. My method is cross- disciplinary and from time to time uses history, economics, sociology, philology, and literary criticism. Dante’s reaction to money, the map makes clear, leads to the structure from which his poem comprehends imagery and the operation of poetic discourse. This map I next follow to Chaucer. Chaucer, I argue, is no mere quoter of virtuoso passages. Rather, he is a great interpreter of Dante. He is so, in part, because of his own efforts to come to grips through poetry with the power and the meaning of money.”
Contains: Criticism, Commentary
From: R. A. Shoaf 1983 (Pilgrim Books): Postprint 1995
Keywords: Commedia, Troilus and Criseyde, Canterbury Tales

Biographical sites about Dante Alighieri

About Dante (1265-1321)
This biographical sketch is copied (with permission) from The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia.
Contains: Sketch
Author: Columbia University Press
From: The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia
Bibliography for Dante Studies
This extensive bibliography of critical works (books and journal articles) about Dante’s writing includes books in several languages; also includes an annotated list of films about Dante.
Contains: Bibliography
Author: Digital Dante
Keywords: filmography

Other sites about Dante Alighieri

American Dante Bibliography
“Each of the annotated bibliographies of Dante scholarship published annually in Dante Studies from 1953, under the editorship of Anthony L. Pellegrini, to the present, under the editorship of Christopher Kleinhenz, is accessible in a searchable electronic format according to year. All entries in a particular year were published in that year, unless otherwise specified. New bibliographies will be added as they become available. Two other bibliographies are accessible: an Italian Dante Bibliography for the years 1988-1990, prepared by Federico Sanguineti, and a Bibliography of Dante Studies in the British Isles from 1980-1993, prepared by Steven Botterill.”
Contains: Bibliography
Author: Dante Society of America
From: Brandeis University Libraries http://www.brandeis.edu/library/
Digital Dante
This massive website is the place to start looking for online Dante information. It contains some biographical information but is mostly devoted to criticism, discussion, and bibliography. The IPL Literary Criticism collection lists some of its contents individually, but they will always have more.
Contains: Sketch, Timeline, Pictures, Commentary, Criticism, Bibliography
Author: Digital Dante
Online Publications on Dante
This page links to very academic online criticism on Dante in English, Italian, German, and possibly other languages.
Contains: Webliography, Criticism
Author: Otfried Lieberknecht
From: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

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