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Saul Bellow (1915 – 2005)

Nationality: American
Born: Canadian
Periods: American: 20th Century

winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976

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Criticism about Saul Bellow

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Biographical sites about Saul Bellow

Biography of Saul Bellow
This biography, from the Nobel Foundation, gives a brief overview of Saul Bellow’s life.
Contains: Sketch, Pictures
From: Nobel Foundation
Keywords: life, history, biography
Saul Bellow
“A biographical sketch is essential because the reading of Mr. Bellow’s works involves the taking of a course in the fields of anthropology, social thought, creative writing, and in the various literary cultures of French, English, and Yiddish. The last, the Yiddish culture, Bellow’s protestations to the contrary, permeates all his writing.”
Contains: Sketch
From: The Bulletin
Saul Bellow
“A novelist who rejects the orthodoxy of modernism, Bellow’s work is distinguished by his humanistic concern for character and his clear-sighted analysis of contemporary society.”
Contains: Full Bio, Bibliography, Awards
Author: Carl Brucker
From: Nobel Prize Winners in Literature

Other sites about Saul Bellow

Bellow on Love, Art and Identity
In an interview about “More Die of Heartbreak,” Bellow says that one of the book’s subjects “is the difference between a fabricated person and a true person.”
Contains: Interview
Author: Mervyn Rothstein
From: The New York Times June 3, 1987
Featured Author: Saul Bellow
“News and Reviews From the Archives of The New York Times.”
Contains: Commentary
From: The New York Times on the Web
For Bellow, Novel is a Mirror of Society
“In an interview, Bellow laments the decline of the social novel and says about the response to the work of Jewish novelists, ‘The Protestant majority thought it had lost its grip, so the ghetto walls went up around us.'”
Contains: Interview
Author: Alden Whitman
From: The New York Times November 25, 1975
Nobel Lecture 1976–Literature
“I was a very contrary undergraduate more than 40 years ago. It was my habit to register for a course and then to do most of my reading in another field of study. So that when I should have been grinding away at “Money and Banking” I was reading the novels of Joseph Conrad.”
Contains: Awards
Author: Saul Bellow
From: Nobel Foundation
Talk With Saul Bellow
In an interview about “The Adventures of Augie March,” Bellow said, “Today, the novelist thinks too much of immortality and he tries to create form. He tries to make his work durable through form. But you have to take your chances on mortality, on perishability.”
Contains: Interview
Author: Harvey Breit
From: The New York Times September 20, 1953
A Talk With Saul Bellow: On His Work and Himself
“In an interview about ‘The Dean’s December,’ Bellow says that he realized after writing ‘To Jerusalem and Back’ that ‘it was as easy to write about great public matters as about private ones — all it required was more confidence and daring.'”
Contains: Interview
Author: Michiko Kakutani
From: The New York Times December 13, 1981
With Bellow in Chicago
“Speaking in an interview about an abandoned project to write nonfiction about Chicago, Bellow said, ‘The people of Chicago are very proud of their wickedness. This is good old vulgar politics, despite the pretensions.'”
Contains: Interview
Author: Herbert Mitgang
From: The New York Times July 6, 1980

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