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Jorge Luis Borges (1899 – 1986)

Nationality: Argentinian
Born: Argentinian
Periods: Latin American: 20th Century

Author of Ficciones.

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Criticism about Jorge Luis Borges

Internetaleph: The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges
Site contains an extensive listing of internet resources about the Argentinean author Jorge Luis Borges. Contains specific suggestions for readers who are new to Borges on how to approach the author’s works. Site is written in both English and Spanish.
Contains: Commentary, Criticism, Bibliography,
Author: Hadis, Martin
Access Restrictions:
Online Papers About Borges and His Work
A lengthy list of papers on Borges available on the net. Good starting place for research.
Contains: Criticism, Commentary
Author: Allen Ruch
From: The Libyrinth
Strategies of Self-Conscious Representation in the Early Essays of Jorge Luis Borges
“This study is concerned principally with establishing a number of theoretical concerns presented in Borges�s earliest essays as a possible unifying feature for a narrative ‘oeuvre’ that has often been described as self-conscious fiction or metafiction.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Teresa R. Stojkov
From: International Fiction Review 1998; 25 no. 1-2:29-35

Biographical sites about Jorge Luis Borges

Artful Dodge: A Conversation with Jorge Luis Borges
An interview with the author, from Artful Dodge, an Ohio-based literary magazine.
Contains: Interview
I, Unfortunately, Am Borges
An excellent biography of Borges, with full bibliography, much of the material taken from Borges’ “Autobiographical Essay.” Links to a timeline of the author’s life.
Contains: Full Bio, Bibliography, Timeline
Author: Allen Ruch
From: The Libyrinth
Jorge Luis Borges
Interesting article about Borges, his life, and his career as a writer.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Pictures, Commentary, Criticism
Author: Mauricio Betancourt
From: EmpireZine September edition 8.0: 1998

Other sites about Jorge Luis Borges

The Garden of Forking Paths
A scholarly page with a detailed bibliography of Borges, a timeline of his life, a bibliography, criticism, quotes and images, and links. Extremely well-written and researched.
Contains: Full Bio, Timeline, Pictures, Bibliography, Criticism, Webliography, Works List
Author: Allen Ruch
From: The Libyrinth
Jorge Luis Borges (b. 1892 Argentina)
Reading guides for several of Borges’ works, used in a college Latin American Fiction class.
Contains: Commentary
Author: Harry Vélez Quiñones
The Jorge Luis Borges Center for Studies and Documentation
The Center is “dedicated to the research of works by J.L. Borges, and the study of themes and the style of thinking found in his work. … Our area of activities concerns philosophy, semiotics and comparative literature.” The site includes a detailed, year-by-year bibliography of Borges’ works; book reviews; art; links; and the tables of contents (and some articles) from the Center’s scholarly journal, Variaciones Borges.
Contains: Works List, Criticism, Pictures, Commentary, Webliography
Author: Borges Center

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