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Aime Cesaire (1913 – )

Nationality: French
Born: Martinique
Periods: French: 20th Century

Poet and playwright

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A Tempest

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Criticism about Aime Cesaire

“What difference does difference make?” (Nancy Miller): The Creative Deconstructions of Jean Rhys and Aimé Césaire
“The influence of scientific concepts of relativity on three novels is explored. In their own ways, these Victorian, modernist and postmodernist texts assert the value of entering into the literary experience as a way of temporarily escaping the ethical problems caused by the juxtaposition of relative, subjective perspectives of different individuals in the ‘real’ world.”
From: The Pequod MLA: “Title of the Article/Page.” The Pequod. dd mon.m yyyy. dd mon. yyyy .
Modernism & Negritude: The Policies and Poetics of Aimé Césaire
“James Arnorld here presents in its political and culture context the work of the greatest visionary poet writing in French since the Romantic period. Aimé Césaire’s surrealism is seen as subverting, in the name of black experience, the very European high moderism he assimilated and employed.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Arnold, A. James
From: iUniverse Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1981

Biographical sites about Aime Cesaire

Contains: Full Bio, Works List
Author: Brooke Ritz
From: Emory University

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