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Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 B.C.E. – 43 B.C.E.)

Nationality: Roman
Born: Italian
Periods: Latin

An influential politician, speaker, and philosopher of ancient Rome.

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Criticism about Marcus Tullius Cicero

Four sections on this page discuss Cicero: a biography, Cicero’s views on oratory and ethics, and an examination of two of his works, Repulic and Laws. In the various essays, many of Cicero’s works are mentioned and analyzed.
Contains: Full Bio, Commentary, Criticism
Author: Sanderson Beck
From: Ethics of Civilization, Vol. 1 http://www.san.beck.org/EC-Contents.html
The Cicero Homepage
This site contains an extensive bibliography of works on Cicero, divided up by subject, as well as a timeline of his life, links to his works online, and photographs of statues of him.
Contains: Bibliography, Pictures, Timeline, Works Available
Author: Andrew M. Riggsby

Biographical sites about Marcus Tullius Cicero

A biography of the orator.
Contains: Full Bio
Author: Jan Bonenkamp, Mathijs Horsthuis, Marloes Mentink
From: The Forum Romanum
Cicero, by Plutarch
A lengthy biography of Cicero, written by Plutarch around 75 C.E.
Contains: Full Bio
Author: Translated by John Dryden
From: The Internet Classics Archive
Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BCE.)
This article contains biographical information, a description of some of the author’s writings, and a brief discussion of his philosophical views.
Contains: Full Bio, Commentary, Works List
Author: James Fieser, Ph.D., general editor
From: The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Other sites about Marcus Tullius Cicero

This page includes brief examinations of Cicero’s views on such subjects as rhetoric and philosophy, oratory, and delivery.
Contains: Sketch, Commentary, Bibliography
Author: Maria Rinaldi
From: Rhetoric Resources
Plautus, Terence, and Cicero
Commentary on the works of Plautus, Terence, and Cicero.
Contains: Commentary
Author: Sanderson Beck

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