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James Fenimore Cooper (1789 – 1851)

Nationality: American Periods:

Natty Bumppo, Indians, writing about the wilderness, Leatherstocking Tales

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Criticism about James Fenimore Cooper

Fiction I: Brown, Cooper
This lengthy analysis of the authors’ lives and works includes sections on “The Novel in the Colonies”, “Charles Brockden Brown”, “Brown�s Indebtedness to Godwin”, “James Fenimore Cooper; Youth; Naval Career”, “The Last of the Mohicans”, “The Deerslayer “, and “Cooper�s Rank as a Romancer.”
Contains: Extensive Bio, Criticism, Bibliography
Author: Carl Van Doren
From: The Cambridge History of English and American Literature Volume XV: English, Colonial and Revolutionary Literature; Early National Literature, Part I
James Fenimore Cooper
“THE TASK of becoming the principal romancer of the new nation might have weighed heavily upon Cooper had he entered his career as a novelist in any self-conscious way. Instead, he fell almost accidentally into authorship.”
Contains: Criticism, Extensive Bio
Author: Carl Van Doren
From: The American Novel Chapter 2; New York: MacMillan, 1921
James Fenimore Cooper and the Spectre of Edmund Burke
“James Fenimore Cooper, who disliked being called the American Scott, would, one imagines, take no more kindly to being called the American Burke. Yet without the writings of Edmund Burke, Cooper�s Leatherstocking Saga, and its by-product The Wept of Wish-ton-Wish, would be of a very different character, if indeed they had been undertaken at all.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Richard Gravil
From: Romanticism on the Net Vol. 14 May 1999
Romancing the Indian: Sentimentalizing and Demonizing in Cooper and Twain
“Representations of American Indians in nineteenth-century American literature were seldom culturally relative. Instead, the author often encoded in the American Indian caricature (“caricature” because these are rarely well-developed characters) his or her assumptions based on racial stereotypes, making the caricature a metonym for all American Indians.”
Contains: Criticism, Commentary
Author: Rissetto, Adriana
Keywords: Mark Twain, James Fenimore Cooper, Indians, Native Americans

Biographical sites about James Fenimore Cooper

James Fenimore Cooper
This site provides biographical information on James Fenimore Cooper as well as a list of his works and their publication dates.
Contains: Full Bio, Pictures, Works List
Keywords: James Fenimore Cooper, biography, life, dates
James Fenimore Cooper Society Home Page
The web’s most comprehensive web site relating to James Fenimore Cooper. Biographical information, texts of his works, a vast collection of articles about Cooper and his writings, and even an option to submit questions to the society’s experts.
Contains: Full Bio, Commentary, Criticism, Bibliography, Works List, Works Available
Author: James Fenimore Cooper Society

Other sites about James Fenimore Cooper

Books and Other Materials by James Fenimore Cooper
This site provides a chronological list of works written by James Fenimore Cooper and their publication information, as well as an annotated list of books about Cooper.
Contains: Works List
Author: MacDougall, Hugh C.
Keywords: James Fenimore Cooper, works, publication dates
Plots and Characters in the Fiction of James Fenimore Cooper
“Partly because of the magnitude of Cooper’s fictional canon — his thirty-two novels average more than 500 pages in length — few people besides specialists in early American literature have read all of his works. It is hoped that the present study will be of use both to those who have not yet read his fiction and to those who have read it but have forgotten its details. Plot summaries are provided for all of his novels as well as for four shorter pieces of fiction”
Contains: Criticism, Commentary
Author: Walker, Warren S.
From: Archon Book 1978

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