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John Donne (1572 – 1631)

Nationality: British Periods: British: 1500-1700

writer of religious poetry

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Criticism about John Donne

Colon and Semi-Colon in Donne’s Prose Letters: Practice and Principle
“Empirical study of John Donne’s colon and semicolon usage reveals several Donnean principles of punctuation. These principles, observable in the letters Donne wrote in 1601/2 to Sir Thomas Egerton and Sir George More, are congruent with the usage described in the grammar handbooks of Jonson, Butler, and Daines; Donne applies them with a high degree of consistency.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Emma L. Roth-Schwartz
From: Early Modern Literary Studies 3.1 (1997): 3.1-37
John Donne
This lengthy analysis of the author’s life and work includes sections on “Donne�s Relation to Petrarch”, “His Life”, “Songs and Sonets”, “Letters and Funerall Elegies”, and “His Position and Influence.”
Contains: Extensive Bio, Criticism, Bibliography
Author: Herbert J. C. Grierson
From: The Cambridge History of English and American Literature Volume IV: English Prose and Poetry, Sir Thomas North to Michael Drayton
John Donne (1572-1631)
From the Luminarium website, these pages devoted to John Donne includes works, quotes, essays, a short biographical sketch, and links to additional resources. Included under the heading “more” are linkso images of Donne.
Contains: Sketch, Pictures, Criticism, Commentary, Webliography, Works List, Works Available
Author: Anniina Jokinen.
Keywords: elegies, epigrams, “the flea, “The Anniversarie,” “holy sonnets,” meditations, sermons
John Donne’s Use of Space
“John Donne’s writing shows he was fascinated by new discoveries. He took up the modern idiom of maps and discovery with delight. But he was also deeply attached to the past, and his assumptions about space belonged to an old tradition: a cosmographic rather than cartographic way of imagining space. This paper is about Donne’s spatial imagination: its cosmographic assumptions, and its many contradictions — between old and new ways of imagining the cosmos, between cosmographic and cartographic ways of imagining the world, and between his spatial imagination itself and his narrative voice.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Lisa Gorton
From: Early Modern Literary Studies 4.2 / Special Issue 3 (September, 1998): 9.1-27

Biographical sites about John Donne

John Donne
This page from the companion web site to XJ Kennedy and Dana Gioia’s “Introduction to Poetry” text includes a biography, critical overview, and bibliography of the poet.
Contains: Sketch, Bibliography, Commentary
Author: XJ Kennedy and Dana Gioia
John Donne
Provides a brief biographical sketch of the poet, and the full text of several poems.
Contains: Sketch, Bibliography, Webliography, Pictures
Author: Academy of American Poets

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