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Bob Dylan (1941 – )

Nationality: American Periods: American: 20th Century

Folk singer/songwriter

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Criticism about Bob Dylan

Biblical Allusion in Bob Dylan’s Lyrics
A n essay that presents the author’s “own interpretations, or perhaps misinterpretations, of many of Dylan’s songs. I am approaching these songs with an angle–a prejudice, if you prefer. I am looking at them in the context of the Bible, and I am specifically pointing out the biblical allusions. Sometimes I will merely list allusions; at other times, I will delve deeper into the lyrics, indicating how these allusions direct and contribute to the overall meaning of the songs. “
Contains: Criticism
Author: Skylar Hamilton Burris
From: 1999
Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan: Poetry and the Popular Song
“The distance between the gleomannes gyd in Beowulf or ‘Sumer is Icumen In’ and the songs of Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan may seem great, but is one of time rather than aesthetics. The lyric poem as a literary work and the lyrics of a popular song are both still essentially the same thing: poetry.”
Contains: Criticism, Pictures
Author: Frank Davey
From: December 1969

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